Sam & Cat Canceled? + Ariana Problem

ariana-problemariAccording to THR, the former Nickelodeon star Ariana Grande will be feted at the May 8 industry awards luncheon. Ariana will receive the Breakthrough Artist of the Year Award at the Music Biz 2014 Awards Luncheon on Thursday, May 8, at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles.

The Music Business Association, formerly NARM and, will present the award to recognize Grande’s achievements over the past year, including a No. 1 debut on the Billboard charts with her first album, Yours Truly, and a double-platinum, Top 10 single with ‘The Way,’ featuring rapper Mac Miller.

‘Ariana is a multitalented entertainer, commanding both the microphone and the camera in her dual careers as a musician and actress. While Nickelodeon fans have known her for years from her roles on hit TV shows Victorious and Sam & Cat, she exploded into the music world this year with her stunning debut album. Our recognition just underscores her potential for even greater success in the years ahead.’

UPDATED with pix of Ariana at Easter Egg Roll today in Washington!

Ariana: ‘Music has always been my first love, so receiving this award is a true honor for me. I’ve been pursuing a career as a singer since I was eight, and it’s a great feeling to know that the industry has embraced me with open arms. I’d like to thank everyone at Music Biz and, of course, my fans, and I can’t wait to get back in the studio and do this all over again!’

Music Biz 2014 is set to run May 6-8 in Los Angeles. The Awards Luncheon will also feature the presentation of the Harry Chapin Memorial Humanitarian Award to Dee Snider, frontman of classic heavy metal band Twisted Sister, for his charitable work.


  • bye

    She’s so overrated. The only reason she’s getting all that attention and awards is because she has the same management as Bieber…

    • guest

      The reason she’s getting all that attention and awards is because she’s a beautiful amazing singer

      • Hi, Frankie.

    • honesty

      Or because she has the best voice we have seen in years. Your name is exactly right: bye!

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      She had a number on album BEFORE she even was with scooter

      She doesn’t need scooter or the management. Tbh justin was the only relavent person with scooter before ari.

      • honesty

        Yes! It doesn’t matter what manager she had, her voice is one of a kind and was bound to be heard one way or another. They can gtfo.

    • anon

      The Way exploded before she signed with Scooter

    • Emma Stone

      Or maybe she’s getting the attention and awards because she’s actually talented????

    • Emmy

      Um… no. I’ve been following Ariana ever since she was on Victorious. All of the kids on that show could sing and I made sure to check out their personal music. Ariana got to where she is because of her pure talent. The Broadway training has served her well. I don’t think you realize how much talent it takes to even make it on such a sacred stage.

      • LAChris08

        It probably didn’t hurt she is rich:)

        • Emmy

          Does that matter? I group in a well off neighborhood where the kids could afford great vocal lessons. Those kids are off training for Broadway right now. You can’t get great technique over night.

          • LAChris08

            It matters in the fact that those lessons ain’t cheap. You don’t see as many talented poor people making it big as well off talented people. Acting lessons, dancing lessons, singing lessons, voice coaching all are very expensive. While yes, you can get that training in done high schools etc, it’s the people that can afford the best that do the best. Ariana comes from a very wealthy family, they could send her to the best places, get her singing at parties for the wealthy, etc. When Ariana turned 16, nickolodean threw her a party. Sumner Redstone, the CEO of Viacom and CBS broadcasting attended. She was not the star if the show, she was a supporting actress. That shows money and influence. Is she talented? Oh hell yeah, bit don’t think her connections haven’t played a major role in her success.

          • Emmy

            You’re forgetting something. Wealth doesn’t mean you have all the connections in the entertainment industry. I know so. Her parents certainly got her access to great performance training. Being a strong actor, singer, and dancer is absolutely essential for making it on Broadway no matter what class you come from. You must have talent to make it on Broadway, there’s no way around that. Of course Viacom would throw her a birthday party, she works for Nickelodeon. Nickelodeon is owned by Viacom. From what I could see, she was a fan favorite on the show. However, you’re forgetting that her real breakout success came within the last year or so. I’ve been following her YouTube videos for some time. People like her because she can sing. That’s why she sells records. It’s not fair to discredit her because of her parents’ wealth.

          • LAChris08

            I’m not. And considering her brother is a Broadway producer, you bet she had connections:) Just sayin.. One thing to think about, they didnt throw a party for Miranda Cosgrove, Victoria Justice, or anyone else. They were much bigger stars than Ariana. Before Victorious she was a Broadway favorite for 1 show, 13. She sung on youtube, and teh fans liked her, but they don’t throw parties that close down a studio (the pictures showed the party was at the main Paramount Studios, outside) for fan faves, they would do that for someone important. Considering it was not done for Miranda and other massively more important stars than her, it says something about her likely connections. And even when Disney threw a party for Miley, Robert Iger showed up long enough to say Happy Birthday, and then left, Redstone was seen hanging around. CEO’s dont hang around for talent unless they are connected. They have far more important things to do, The party was because of her connections, btw she is suspected of being connected to the Coppolas, Nicolas Cage has been seen with her, Sophia Coppola as well. She moved into Francis Ford Coppola’s old house. Her wealth is likely connected to entertainment. She is quite a good singer, I never said she wasn’t, hell I like some of it, and also have been following her youtube for a while, but her connections and wealth has helped her tremendously. One thing to think about, in some of her older vids she uses a recording booth in her house to make cool effects. Those things she is using are very expensive. No discredit, this is not uncommon in entertainment, most child stars come from families of means. Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato are rare examples of child stars that came from lower income. And Barney likely gave them enough money to actually do something.

          • Emmy

            Hm, I do know all about Sofia Coppola. Actually, Nicolas Cage is a part of the Coppola family. They’re Italians like Ariana’s family. It wouldn’t be completely surprising. To be honest, people that come from well off families into the entertainment industry (not necessarily an entertainment family) tend to be more adjusted from what I can see. I’m really talking about celebrities who had to be the breadwinners for their families/parents that had no real jobs or lives of their own. Anyway, I’m quite sure you’re aware of people that use sexuality to become successful. That might be more of an advantage than money.

  • LMAO where’s the Sam & Cat canceled thing? I came for that not for Ariana’s annoying ass music…

    • uest

      It’s the “former Nickelodeon star” part. You’re not a “former” of anything if your show is still in production/you still have a job there.

  • Cici

    Diggin the song. Doesn’t sound much different than her first album though.

  • XaskTaylorX

    Why is she dressing like a you know what? She used to be so cool and now I don’t even know what her problem is now. That’s going to be her new song title now.

  • tbqh

    The ONLY reason her one hit wonder was big was because its a straight up Mariah Carey tribute song. She even sampled mariah’s back vocals (not sure thats illegal or not). Also her fans are 8-15. So her plan worked out by using a nickelodeon kids audience and using her mariah tribute songs. Next.

  • threelittlebirds

    my opinion: i just don’t find her singing all that great.

    • Tash

      Please tell me you just don’t listen to her genre & you’re a metal head??!! Or hardcore rap fan??!! Because from a technical aspect, she is a beast! She is one of the few who actually sing correctly in this day & age. Hence why people think she sounds “weird”. She’s supporting the notes with the correct technique & not just screaming on the high notes like Katy Perry for example. She’s on that other level. All the teen queens can’t touch her. Selena can’t sing period, Demi screams & gets really pitchy live & Miley relies too much on her natural ability to project & the texture of her voice. Two big voices right now is Ariana & Tamar Braxton. Beautiful, pitch perfect, powerhouses.

      • threelittlebirds

        I hate metal and really not big on rap. I saw her perform on the VMAs or something and just didn’t think she was the great. So…yea. I just felt she was trying to hard to sing like xtina, or like what a lot of people say, mariah Carey.

      • Some Dude

        I like Demi’s studio voice better than Ariana’s, despite the fact it’s not as much range. Just personally like the texture better. And when I listened to both of their version of You’re My Only Shorty, Demi’s was better imo.

    • Cali

      You don’t have to every has their own taste.
      What I keep trying to tell people is that factually speaking (like adele) she can sing.
      Which is more than can be said for a lot of popstars right now. *cough* katy perry selena *cough*

      • threelittlebirds

        I not gonna deny she can sing, at least she doesnt lip sync, right? She just doesn’t do it for me.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I keep trying to like Ariana because she’s talented and too many people are getting into this industry just because they look good and have zero talent. But there is just something about her that rubs me the wrong way. I can’t figure it out.

    • Some Dude

      Same. I can acknowledge her talent and beauty, but something seems idk…fake maybe? I remember this tweet kinda gave me a bad impression of her from the beginning:

    • al

      because she is so damn fake i guess. same there i know she is talanted but i hate the way she acts

    • A Cat

      I’ve read a lot of tweets about people meeting her and thinking she was rude.

  • Sue

    Loving the song so far, hopefully it doesn’t disappoint.

    I just wish she annunciated better.

  • Caitlyn D

    im so tired of the sam & cat drama… lets just move on

  • laura

    Honestly, the girl can sing, her songs are pretty great and she’s absolutely adorable. I don’t even care about her personality, it’s not like I have to hang with her. As long as she keeps making music like this and keeps singing like a boss, I am just fine.