• laura

    That second tweet though omfg those directioners are getting sassy as fuck :o poor girl, she can’t help it either she’s pretty and Liam told her so. Fangirls got to grow up and realize that boyband members can be attracted to women that aren’t them.

  • thecat61


  • Whatever

    She was at a club and people were complaining about her dress or whatever seriously how dumb can you be?

  • http://zarriall-zombies.tumblr.com FuckHarry

    This is why I sometimes hate this fandom.

  • Bad

    I thought beliebers are the psychos
    Wops sorry

  • Emma Stone

    “You’re gonna be hot when i drag you down to the depths of hell and satan burns you.”

    Holy crap, can you be a little bit more overdramatic.

  • Anon

    Why would people hate on someone just because they’re hot? That’s beyond stupid even for human race standards.

  • Duckyhoward15

    The eyebrows tweet XD

  • lol

    call me the day one direction tells their fans that its not ok to hate on others.

    • Anna

      Oh but they have and gotten yelled at my the media for it. Call me the day that will be okay for celebs to stand up for what’s right on twitter and not get called bad people.

  • Pick

    Is it me or does his head looks a bit weird ?

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    1D fans are not very attractive.

    Click any 1D trending topic and you’ll see a slew of unattractive, obese 13 year olds.

    • honesty


    • Eva


  • yeya

    what the fuck is wrong with people nowadays, she is totally hot, hahaha. jelly much? not even a fan of 1d but come on! are these people blind? nobody deserves that hate!

  • Emmatome

    Because we all know that being mean gets you far.
    Her cleavage tho… But, hey, the tweets were really mean. She doesn’t deserve this. No one does.

    • laura

      That cleavage is impressive, she looks great tbh.
      I seriously love how that one girl is bitching about her eyebrows, it’s better than calling her a whore or something. Fangirls can be so mean sometimes…

      • http://radiants0ul.tumblr.com/ getlikemiley

        right? i want her boobs tbh lol

        • laura

          Me too, those are some great boobs women would kill for. If I’d have boobs like that, I’d wear dresses like that all the time when going out haha

  • c

    people are fucking psycho

  • Mirela

    What is this? Hate year? My god. One Direction fans need to fucking their lives straight. I hate being a fan of somebody when this repulsive thing happens. Why can’t people accept things? My gosh. Liam will NEVER BE INTO YOU! Get over it! He is NOT your teddy bear from childhood. Grow the fuck up!

  • Some Dude

    I hate fanbases. Like bitch, if you got that compliment you’d be bragging about it too.

  • guest

    She is super hot actually.

  • Clauber

    Only ugly fans can tweet this, theyre just jealous

  • Eva

    She is hot though…. That’s the funny part, the dude looks like he is about to have an orgasm.

  • BangBang

    What the hell! Some of these girls need to calm down.

  • oml

    Obviously they are jealous.. this girl is beautiful!

  • http://radiants0ul.tumblr.com/ getlikemiley

    lmao holy shit, they’re mean as hell. Poor girl, but she did look good.

  • Cali

    Bunch of lunatics


  • ashley

    If you look on her Twitter page and look at her pics until you get to her and Liam she writes “it was really hot” instead of “i was really hot” I think she’s trying to stop the hate, but you can’t change what someone said about you.

  • lucky

    she’s hot as hell. that body tho. i want.