Kendall & Kylie ‘Disgusted’ By Drunk Kris

kris-jenner-drinkingCoachella Music Festival Day 2Source revealed to Star: ‘Both Kendall and Kylie have grown disgusted by Kris’ drunken ways. They feel like the only way they can get to her is to tweet the drunken things that Kris says.

The problem is that Kris doesn’t take offense. She thought Kendall’s tweets were hilarious. Kris has made no secret of her love for alcohol over the years. But the older the girls get, the more they are aware of just how bad her drinking is and it’s extremely embarrassing to them.

Kendall is so desperate to get out of Kris’ house and she goes house hunting nearly every chance she gets. And Kylie is counting down the days until she turns 18 so she can move in with Kendall. At this point, they can’t stand their mother.’

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  • laura

    Until recently, I didn’t even know Kris was their mom…