Selena Gomez Doesn’t Follow Anyone

selena-followselena-follow-2selena-follow-4Selena doesn’t follow anyone on Instagram and deleted old friend pix.


  • justalittleadvice

    She needs go back to an treatment center and after that take a break out of everything, go live in a farm for a year. Or go to do her culinary school she spoke with more enthusiasm in her last interviews than her career.

  • …..

    She probably saw that her unfollowing people on Instagram was making news & causing drama (which is ridiculous because it’s just social media, it’s not that important) & just decided to unfollow everyone so people would chill. I think she needs a break though, she seems depressed & she’s probably stressed about the deposition tomorrow.

    • Mirela

      The deposition is tomorrow? I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I wonder how Selena will act.

      • javi g

        not like bieber did thats for sure.we will see it because those idiots will sell it to tmz or anyone with big money. i do hope she answers nicely. if they ask her about how is your sex life. she should answer how is yours.

  • Rocky

    She needs to follow Jesus

    • Some Dude

      Best comment

    • V

      lol she actually goes to church and its a lot around church people

      • Danna

        I don’t like Judah Smith preaching. According to them, if you are getting financial compensation it is Christ blessing you and all you are doing is right


  • anon

    Everyone goes through growing pains, still more too much sheltered people like Selena. It comes a time when everyone need to be emotionally an adult and the way up there is painful.

  • Duh

    I feel so bad for Selena. I think every girl can relate to how she’s feeling…its hard to love and accept yourself, especially when you have every single detail of your life in the public & criticized for every move you make. I hope she goes back to a treatment center where she can get help. I would hate to see her go further down on this spiral.

  • javi g

    she’s a bright girl she found out that people where going nuts because she unfollow the jenner girls so she decided to unfollow everyone to see what happens. this is why i love this girl.

  • BrokenArrow18

    She’s so shady

  • cassy

    She’ll probably never be truly ok, until she manages to officially move on from Justin & his drama.

    • guest

      Which means she only has herself to blame for her misery.She has strained relationships with her parents and friends but the one person she needs to unfollow for good she keeps going back to.

      • cassy

        I totally agree with you.

    • whoknows

      Or is the fact that she is not Ok, the cause she still didn’t moved on? A way to try find something lost that she can’t see that is not there?

    • Anon

      Lmao. Stop blaming everything on Justin Bieber already. He’s doing nothing to her they barely even meet up once in two months. She is messed up because of herself not him. Stop.

  • Hhsb

    I think her management made her do it. Like beyonce doesn’t follow anyone. It’s a image thing

    • Hhsb

      I am in no way comparing her to beyonce

      • javi g

        its an example. he/she is not coparing anyone.

    • johnny

      Demi doesn’t follow anyone either.

    • anon

      It is for the best, since the media and fans always makes a big deal of follows and unfollows

    • javi g

      if her new management did that. then they made a good move. unfortunately in this era people always thing something happened if you unfollow some one on social media. but i think it was a smart move from her new manager/ers.

  • hmmm

    Just noticed she delete the “Lily + Selena=friends forever” one.

  • cute
  • Eva

    Selena makes me sad. I feel like I lost a little sister… shame.

  • BangBang

    Do people really care who she follows?

  • Dina

    who cares? it is not anyone’s choice but selena’s if she does not want to follow some people!