• javi g

    good for her but unfortunately she should take advantage of that and communicate everyday with her Facebook and twitter followers. i know theres going to be your every day hater or an a-hole making inappropriate comments but she should communicate more. look at vin diesel he’s popular in Facebook because he communicates and thats why his movies do awesome ok the movies that envolves cars.

  • Cali

    And this is relevant why?

    • anna

      right. and the top 3 twitter “actors” are more singers than actors…well at least the first two.

      • Cali

        Yeah and like the comment below said just because they have a lot of followers doesn’t mean their career is all that great some of the people on this list have been bombing recently. Bieber has more followers than anyone on this list and he’s on his way down right now.

  • thecat61


  • Danna

    Selena need take a break of everything really. At least for a year.

  • guest

    Too bad all those people don’t buy her concert,album and movie tickets

    • Cali

      That’s exactly what im saying

  • thecat61


  • lol

    so…is this supposed to show us how celebrities like her who will do anything to get attention live so much better than the rest of us? forgive me, i only watched the first minute to give it a chance and then couldnt really handle it anymore.