Socal Girl Killed Sleeping In Bedroom

giselle-mendozaSouthern California girl Giselle Mendoza, 16, was killed while sleeping in her bed after a drunken driver crashed his SUV into her home. LA County Sheriff’s Department said Roberto Rodriguez, 16, of Palmdale crashed his Nissan Pathfinder into the corner of an apartment building at 3:50 AM Sunday.

When deputies arrived they found the SUV inside the building and the girl dead inside. Witnesses the SUV was going as fast as 80 miles-per-hour when it crashed into her apartment killing her as she slept. She was a sophomore at Palmdale High School.


    So sad. Rip

  • laura

    Poor girl.. I am getting so fed up with people who drive when they’re drunk, you’re not only risking your life but you’re risking the lives of so many other people. He wasn’t even allowed to drink for Christ’s sake. I hope he gets a huge punishment, the guy deserves it.
    ps: the guy is actually 20 so I tweaked my comment. But 16 year olds still shouldn’t be allowed to drive.

  • FuckHarry

    It’s so selfish to drive drunk not only does that decision possibly kill you it could kill a innocent person. Rip Giselle.

  • guest

    That’s absolutely tragic.

  • Lily

    It makes it so much sadder that she was innocently sleeping in her bed! To die at home, where you’re supposed to feel the most security… That’s just awful.