• http://oceanup.com OCEANUP

    nick almost look fat. blanda is perfect as always, jealous of her!

    • N

      jealous of a tranny??? lol OU.

    • anon

      Nick doesn’t look fat. He’s prepping for his new TV show.

  • Anon m

    Nick needs a real gf, i mean a good girl, hopefully he will find her someday, i want to see him happy like back in 2009.

    • Uio

      yeah when nick was with miley thats all

    • anon

      He has a real girlfriend. Get out of here already!

  • Jace

    Nicks with someone already stop getting involved in his life.

  • ashley
  • JoeJonasTroops

    why the fuck is ‘blanda walks’ news?!?! it’s not like the headline is ‘blanda walks with joe’

  • Emmatome

    Nick looks funny in here, IDK. And I really miss the curls… Again.

  • cam

    WOW!!! Nick is looking like a football jock. Big neck & big shoulders.

    • Anon

      I was just about to comment on why people think Nick is too big as your comment showed up so I replied. Nick is not big at all he’s like 5’4 – 5’6 and looks smaller than almost every guy next to him. He’s the shortest jonas boo!

  • http://radiants0ul.tumblr.com/ getlikemiley

    why is she still being posted on here because no one gives a shit

  • cam

    Open your eyes & clear out the fuzz in your brain. My comment was his build, not height. Do you know the difference?? I said he looks like a football jock. They usually have the big necks & shoulders. If you wear glasses clean them. Nick is looking very BUFF.

    • anon

      No he doesnt. He’s not a very big guy. Do you know what a big guy is? The Rock is a big guy. Nick is normal!

      • lol


  • anon


  • shanghai

    And this is newsworthy??????

  • cam

    What I’m trying to understand is that my comment is about his neck & shoulders. You are twisting it to be about his whole stature. I hate to call you stupid but you seem to have a problem with comprehension. Quit being so negative on Nick’s height & my comment on his build.

  • cam

    It’s quite obvious that you just want to argue .I made a simple comment & you blew it up. Stay on the subject. Now if you remember the trailer to the movie that Nick has coming out. The scene where he is coming out of the water where his shoulders are rippled w/muscles. Oceanup’s current pic shows that his neck has gotten bigger. His upper body looks great. Now let say goodnight.

    • anon

      “The scene where he is coming out of the water where his shoulders are rippled w/muscles”

      Yeah those are his deltoids like I’ve said. They are naturally like that. Most black guys have shoulders like that.

  • cam

    Stupid Stupid it takes a lot of weight lifting to develop those muscles. They do not just appear. You train, workout to develop them. I said get the fuzz out of your brain.

  • BangBang

    I love how the title says BREAKING as if this is realy big news haha.

  • Cecilia Jailer

    OH SHE WALKS? damn that’s breaking news