Video of Olivia Culpo playing the cello. Can’t wait til debut album!

  • holly

    nobody gives a fuck about her

    • anon

      Obviously you do if you commented. :)

      • holly

        i commented because i’m fucking sick of seeing oceanup post and tweet about her, so that was a dumb thing to say

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    This already makes her more talented than all the Jonas Brothers combined.

    • Azzz

      Please shut up you hater

      • anon

        It’s called sarcasm, dumbass.

  • http://oceanup.com OCEANUP

    she is actually too good for :X

  • Chibiusa

    maybe if she dated Nick when he was relevant I would care?????????/maybe

  • guest

    Debut album ? LOL !!!!

  • Hayley

    Olivia is a geek who plays the cello LOL Nick plays drums, piano and guitar so he’s more talented than she is so don’t bother saying she’s more talented just because she can play 1 instrument..

    • Anon

      The cello is harder to play tho.

      • Harry

        Who cares? It’s only the cello what’s so good about that? Stop licking Olivia’s ass nobody cares what she does..

        • A.U.

          It’s not about how many instruments you can play. Talents comes with hard work and practice. Olivia has been a cellist for a long time. She is talented. Nick is also talented but its not something you compare. They both have different talents and skills. She may have other talents too.

          You obviously do care so much to comment this post. Don’t like Olivia, then don’t bother to comment…

        • anon

          LOL you obviously do :/