Selena Gomez’s Parents MOVING?

Semi-Exclusive... Moving Trucks Parked Outside Selena Gomez's Parent's HomeMoving trucks are pictured outside the home of Selena Gomez’s parents on April 22, 2014 in Tarzana, California. Are her parents (Mandy and stepfather Brian) downgrading to a smaller house after Selena fired them as her managers,

(Choosing instead to recruit a professional to manage her career)? Or are they possibly giving her some extra furniture for her house now that she’s rumored to have invited Justin Bieber to move in with her? Photos: FameFlynet.

  • Duckyhoward15

    Well its a good idea they will sell that house till they find another job , shame on you selena :/

    • Clauber

      How do yo know that? Lmfao

      • Duckyhoward15

        I was being sarcastic ;)

  • guest

    What a vengeful little bitch.Her true colors are really starting to show.

    Weird that she can be so mean to people who really care for her yet stay loyal to the douche bag who treats her like shit .

    • Ayy

      okay for one you don’t even know what is ACTUALLY happening…calm your self..

    • aff

      1) I don’t see many stars buying their parents a 2.9 million hollywood mansion as Selena did.
      2) There is nothing wrong with to want the best to her career.
      3) She more likely still will pay the most of their bills as she has done all her life
      4) Pretty sure move on this big house would require a lot more than these two smaill trucks

  • anon

    Chill…The probably taking Selena stuff to her new house

  • Ricardo

    They’re taking Selena’s thing to her new house LOL -.-” sriously OU?

  • Eva

    I hope she is maintaining a good relationship with her mum. She did mention her at the We Day Celebrations though so that is good.

  • getlikemiley

    Obviously some stuff is going down. She gets a new managers and theres a moving truck outside. Idk maybe she’s got a lot of things going on with her and she’s stressed and thats why she’s letting loose and just trying to get her mind off things.