Beautiful Photos Selena Gomez’s Face

selena-gomez-beautiful-face (1)selena-gomez-beautiful-face (1)New beautiful pictures of Selena Gomez’s face have surfaced.

Do YOU think Selena was waiting inside Bieber’s hotel bed?

  • CJ

    those first two pics have so obviously been retouched/airbrushed!

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Photoshopped but still beautiful.

  • Clauber

    She is beautiful but she is not acting smart with bieber drama

    • surw

      Are you sure he is bad for her? Since he is back in LA she has turned in a church girl instead of a party girl, went back to her rehab mentor, acknowledged her problems, returned to therapy, is taking singing lessons, living one a lot more healthier life in general

      • anonny

        ^So you’re telling me, that her ‘renewal’ (for lack of a better word) that she’s been going through this past week, is because Bieber is back in LA. But by “back in LA” I’m assuming you must have meant “across the ocean in Japan”….

        • surw

          I don’t know. Her “transformation” occurred before he go there. But maybe her problem was just lack of sex, some go crazy with it. Or because she felt embarrassed by those tmz coachella pics where one can see she is wasted. Or her new management ordered her to get her shit together(most likely).

  • A Cat

    She is honestly so pretty.

  • forreal

    “Do YOU think Selena was waiting inside Bieber’s hotel bed?”
    No. Jelena is just business now and they already spent this month’s quota of time together

  • Eva

    I love her face.

  • Xyz

    Is it just me or she looks so photoshopped

  • Tash

    The 2nd pic doesn’t look like her completely. Looks like you took Gomez & morphed her with Victoria Justice or something.

    • javi g

      victoria justice+lucy hale

  • guest

    The guy in the pic is really cute

  • damnthesecelebs

    Wow she is absolutely stunning! I can see why many male celebs have a crush on her ;)

  • tbqh

    photoshop teeth whitening, skin smoothing overload (her and the guy look cartoon like) and the first pic she kinda looks like she has downs syndrome tbqh..
    ik her mom looks/talks like she has a bit of down syndrome and selena looks it when she doesn’t wear any makeup. Idk jmo.

  • Dina

    she s is so pretty as always and stop making things up, all are lies , and yeah bieber is way bad for her, even her friends and family see it!