Miley Beyonce Time’s Most Influential

Miley Cyrus, "The Bangerz Tour"  at the Verizon Center in Washington DC.  Shown here prior to the concert, backstage in the dinning room joined by her  cast of furry friends and cartoon characters.miley-beyonce-time (2)TIME’s 100 Most Influential People: Dolly Parton on ‘pop provocateur’ Miley Ray Cyrus: If I didn’t know how smart and talented Miley is, I might worry about her. But I’ve watched her grow up. So I don’t. She knows what she’s doing.

She was very proud of the work she did as Hannah Montana, but people were gonna leave her there forever. And she was just smotherin’ and chokin’ in it. So she felt she had to do something completely drastic. And she did. She made her point, she made her mark, and more power to her. ‘

Wrecking Ball’ is a great song. The whole album is great. So I’m hoping that now she can relax and show people how talented she really is. ’Cause the girl can write. The girl can sing. The girl is smart. And she doesn’t have to be so drastic. But I will respect her choices. I did it my way, so why can’t she do it her way?

Does anyone know if Miley is okay and where is she? :\

  • laura

    Am I really the only person that doesn’t like Beyonce?

    • Casey

      Do you actually NOT like her or do you just not pay attention the stuff she does? There’s a difference.

      • laura

        Mostly I don’t like her music but idk she’s always sending these mixed signals about certain topics which doesn’t make me like her as a person either. I just idk I try to like her, I really do, but I can’t bring myself to it.

        • Jared

          I’ve never really been fond of her. I 100% do not see the appeal she has where everyone worships her. For one, her best material was when she was in Destiny’s Child, and she clearly thought of herself as above and beyond the group and she didn’t have the manners to act otherwise. Secondly, the music she has now is awful. Take away the way too many producers she has to make it sound dance-able and just read the lyrics… it’s complete trash. And that’s just not liking her music. The things I don’t like about her herself are:

          -She gets away with acting like a stripper. I’m not a prude, but she’s praised when she flounces around in her underwear. When any other woman does it, they are called every whore in the book.

          -She’s always trying to preach for women empowerment and being an independent woman, but she puts women back about 100 years. She continuously gives off the air that she would be nothing without “her man” and Jay-Z flourishes in that. There’s a difference in appreciating your spouse and completely degrading yourself for them.

          -She’s always trying to be an advocate for African American girls and black people in general, but she is painfully obviously bleaching her skin (look back at 90s pictures of her with DC. She was significantly darker) and wearing blonde hair to have Caucasian characteristics. She’s a hypocrite.

          -She steals songs and choreography. She’s not original. And she doesn’t personally write alone or come up with choreography alone. She is the figure head for about 100 people who do the work for her.

          -She’s overtly vain and narcissistic. She has no humility. People worship her because she acts like she’s MEANT to be worshiped.

          -If you look back on anything she’s given an interview for, she speaks like an uneducated 13 year old. I know she didn’t finish school and there’s nothing wrong with that, but at least act like you have more than a 6th grade vocabulary. But I guess when you come from a privileged family and you have a cute face where everything is handed to you, you wouldn’t feel the need to even try.

          I could go on, but I feel like this is evident enough to why I don’t like her and why she doesn’t deserve Most Influential Person. There are plenty of young women in Hollywood who are more influential and even more talented than Beyonce. And I can only hope they get the recognition she doesn’t deserve. Janelle Monae, Brittany Howard from Alabama Shakes, Kacey Miusgraves… those are the women who should be noticed. Buy you are right. I do not like Beyonce, either.

          • thecat61

            I sooooo agree with the stripper comment. I saw a video of her grabbing her ass and crotch but that’s ok because she’s Beyonce. And lets not forget she’s also a mommy.

          • Marina And My Diamonds

            “-She’s always trying to be an advocate for African American girls and black people in general, but she is painfully obviously bleaching her skin (look back at 90s pictures of her with DC. She was significantly darker) and wearing blonde hair to have Caucasian characteristics. She’s a hypocrite.”


          • RiriNAVY

            You are clueless. I’ve never read more bullshit in one comment.

          • idiot

            they have facts and observations. do you? give more to the conversation than “that’s bullshit.” because you seem like the stupid one. i don’t like her either. she’s overrated and people kiss her ass and someone finally said it. get over it.

          • RiriNAVY

            LMAO. I was just waiting for an idiot like you to reply to me. Me stupid? Because I don’t wanna waste my time on some imbecile discussing how wrong his ”reasons” to dislike Beyonce are? Well if you insist for it then fine ;) Those things @Jared said aren’t any facts or observations at all, get over yourself, they’re just biased statements with nothing to support them. Simply delusional statements by usual Beyonce’s haters. Beyonce overrated? Beyonce is actually underrated, because someone as good as her is still compared to overrated stars like Rihanna,Gaga and Katy Perry. Get your head out of your ass.
            Now let’s start with Jared since you wanted more then ”bullshit”.
            1.You’re delusional. Beyonce’s music with DC was nothing but TLC wannabe rnb stuff with no actual quality, Beyonce’s real talent was never completely showed off in DC, the songs were easy to sing and catchy with lame lyrics and were more for teenagers. Beyonce’s music after DC is 10x better, and this is a fact. Her vocals and art in general has improved, if you think Beyonce’s songs are meaningless and have bad lyrics you obviously never listened to her music.
            -Speechless,Halo,1+1,Pretty Hurts,I Was Here,I Care, Best Thing I Never Had,Rather Die Young,Save The Hero,Flaws And All,Heaven,Dangerously In Love,Me Myself & I,Scared Of Lonely,If,Rocket & many more are songs you should maybe listen to in order to judge her music and if it’s trash to you then you don’t know what music is and have a really bad taste ;) Her visual album is actually her best by far, it’s the grown version of her debut, you need a better listen and watch all the videos in order to understand the album, it’s +18 so maybe you didn’t since you seem to be too young to understand an album like that. Songs like Rocket, Heaven and Haunted are one of the best songs she’s released.
            2. Beyonce’s clothes are always on point, she never wears literally underwear, all of her outfits are similar to the ones in Single Ladies music video, that’s not a ”whore” outfit, since she pulls it off and is never trashy when she’s performing like Miley or Gaga or Madonna people aren’t calling her out. Beyonce knows how to be sexy without being trashy, obviously you never even watched her tour and outfits she wears, some of them are short suits, some are long dresses, some are long pants and just a shirt it depends on a song. After all it’s all used for entertainment, she is allowed to be sexual just as everyone else. Stop slut shaming women who are free with their sexuality, this is actually what she is standing up for and fools who are ignorant like you and uptight women will never realize women who are free and own their own sexuality aren’t whores or sluts. Specially a grown woman like Beyonce who’s with the same man for over 10 years and doesn’t masturbate or kiss other women while performing ;)
            3.This one made me laugh the most, you completely missed the point. Beyonce never said she would be nothing without Jay Z, she appreciates the fact he made her a better person and guided her through life and was her best friend, husband, brother, father everything. When it comes to her ass an independent woman, she IS one and every sane person can see she owns her own business, she doesn’t need to use others or her own man for anything. Beyonce’s the one who kept Jay Z more relevant, that’s the truth. She puts women back 100 years? She’s actually AGAINST women who live in that time, listen to her song Flawless and the speech of that feminist, just because Beyonce loves her husband and shows it off from time to time means she isn’t independent and is sending the wrong message? Feminists don’t hate men, she’s allowed to love her husband and talk about it you fool :) she’s degrading herself to him? I won’t even talk about that because it’s just a hilarious statement. Beyonce owns her business and controls everything and has it all on her own, that’s the point and that’s what other women appreciate about her.
            4. And here we go with the skin. Obviously you’re white and don’t understand how black people’s skin work. Beyonce’s a light skinned black, just like her mother, their color changes all the time and that’s a fact. So black women cannot die their hair blond? Another hilarious statement, she is NOT a hypocrite just because she’s wearing blond hair, she doesn’t always wear blond hair either, it’s her hair and she is allowed to wear whatever hair color she wants without being labeled as a bad role model for black people. Many black female celebrities have worn blond hair as well, nothing wrong there.This is actual the most hilarious logic I’ve seen. If you didn’t know there are actually people who are black and have naturally blond hair, just google them. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with her dying her hair or whatever. So because she is black and talks about blacks she cannot do what she wants with her hair? Next one.
            5.Beyonce never literally stole someone’s song, she might not write all of her music but that doesn’t deny her influence on other people’s music and her being a good artist. Madonna, Whitney Houston And Celine Dion never wrote their songs either, should we deny their incredible talents and influence they made on music now? Of course not. Beyonce does come up with her own ides and she does work a lot herself, if you didn’t know she’s managing herself for 4 years now. She doesn’t make her own choreography’s ? Does anyone even do that? But she does a lot of research and gets inspired and does put her own ideas even there, just look at the making of Run The World, Making of The Revel, Life Is But A Dream all of her documentaries show what a hard working artist she is and how much of effort she puts into only one show, adding new harmonies, band breaks ,vocal breaks figuring out the setlist and stage and lights and everything. You obviously know NOTHING about Beyonce LOL :) She borrowed few ideas one or two times and added new features on them, that’s what many artist do. Britney didn’t do the snake thing first, Aaliyah did it in her video, Britney saw it and got inspired to perform with it. Still went good and she slayed the performance.
            6. When it comes to her personality you are NO ONE to judge it, because you don’t know her and none of us does, but at least whenever people meet her they say she is the most humble celebrity, which can be noticed in her interviews and fan meetings. So that’s the biggest lie in your silly rant :) She acts to be worshiped? ….yeah, whatever makes you sleep at night. She’s one of the most down to earth celebrities, just because she is confident on stage and puts on a 100% energy into it doesn’t mean she wants to be worshiped.
            7. Everyone knows Beyonce didn’t finish high school and there’s no big deal about it, but she sure doesn’t speak like a 13 year old. Maybe you watched the wrong interviews, Beyonce simply has that typical Texas accent, she’s a typical south girl, and even few I know sound the same way and it gives you the illusion she doesn’t know how to speak properly just because of her weird accent ( or not weird it’s just different from typical American ).
            Denying Beyonce’s appeal and influence on music is delusional, as well as denying her talent. If you never attended her show you don’t know what I am talking about, the woman is one of the best entertainers of our time, who doesn’t need to use playback every song and embarrass herself on stage to be talked about. She’s an incredible vocalist and has a great vocal control and breath control, her concerts prove it. She can do cart wheels in heels and sing, she can also stand still but sing her ass off. Those are real facts, coming from someone who is way more educated about Beyonce’s career and her in general then you. Have a good day both of you now :)

          • Barbz21

            Completely agree on everything you have said!Not to mention how she’s not a fame whore like JLO or took drugs and destroyed her life like Britney or Lindsay,she has been with the same man since 20 and is now married to him and has a beautiful daughter,she doesn’t walk around and promote weed or drugs or alcohol,she’s not rude to everyone like Rihanna or isn’t responsible she canceled only one show in 10 years,she doesn’t have a sex tape or naked pictures leaked,she does her best to work and get better with every year and I can notice the growth in her now.People just don’t understand it!

          • RiriNAVY

            It’s not that they don’t understand… They’re just searching for reasons to talk bad about her & spread lies and wait on for every little thing to express their hatred towards her.

          • laura

            Actually, there are journalists (who don’t write for stupid ass tabloids) who’ve written articles about it as well. Even in Belgium they wrote an article about it in the most intellectual newspaper we have here, obviously it was part of the media section fyi.
            If you like her music, good for you but there’s also people who don’t like her nor her music. Just deal with it.

          • Anon

            Her new music is awesome. If this isn’t inspirational. Meaningful and has great lyrics and message then you are ignorant. This whole song and the music video is a master piece along with the entire visual album andit’s surprise release.

    • Marina And My Diamonds

      You’re not alone.

      • laura

        Thank god! I always feel so ashamed to say that I don’t like her. People think it’s even worse than saying you don’t like cats or pizza…

        • Marina And My Diamonds

          Haha! Some people get too upset when you say you don’t like her. They take it so personal while we’ve forgotten all about it.

          • laura

            Tell me about it! Seriously, everyone likes different music and different people and we all have a reason for it. It’d be pretty boring otherwise..

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    • ??

      ok you need to calm the fuck down

      • Anon m

        No i don’t! and if you don’t like what i said… KISS MY ASS!

  • thecat61

    That is a cute pic of Miley.

  • thecat61

    Wow, no Katy, Gaga or Taylor!!!

    No one knows where Miley is. She does a good job at staying under the radar. If this had been anyone else they would’ve called the paps.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Beyonce looks sickly on this cover, like mostly in her face.

  • bosco

    you know the world’s coming to an end when miley cyrus and beyonce are influential at all. GOD save us all and take us out now. PLEASE

    • smb

      They are the only entertainers on the list, because for good or bad, they had major influence on society.

      • Anon m

        Of course because they both are serving the DEVIL!!!

  • lol

    are you kidding me? beyonce and fucking miley of all people on the and not laverne cox? shit list.

  • Eva

    Is Beyonce on some kind of diet/ Why is she looking like that?