Miley Cyrus Released From ‘Hospital’

miley-quacksMiley Cyrus was released from the ‘hospital’ after and alleged allergic reaction to medication to treat the flu, reports E! News: ‘She is feeling much better and Europe [tour] is still on.’ E! doesn’t know where she is, but they said she’s in America.

Miley is set to leave for Europe sometime next week. Her first show is Friday, May 2 in Amsterdam followed by stops in Belgium, the UK, Ireland, France and more. In total, Miley has 18 concerts.

  • HolyGround

    Hope she feels good before her tour starts up again

  • thecat61

    Twitter is awfully boring without her tweets. Lol

  • ISeeSparksFly

    She was at St. Luke’s in Kansas City for a little over a week. Idk where she went after that.

  • taylorswiftrules

    anybody want in on the miley death pool. I’ve got the week of july 4th to the eleventh. odds are pretty low because she’ll never quit being a drug addict ho. GOD gave her all kinds of blessings and she just gives him the big old middle finger. going once, going twice…….

    • thecat61

      Fuck you! Piece of shit!

    • k

      she’s gonna join the infamous 25 club, mark my words

      • Guest

        It’s the 27 club and I really doubt she is. Most of her party thing is an image game. Demi or Selena would be more likely to, especially Demi. Like the most she does is weed, I think. The other two have done heavy drugs and lots of alcohol.

    • Guest

      She said straight out she’s “playing a character”. Most she does is weed and I don’t think she’s an addict either. Some people can’t do any drugs without getting into worse ones heavily, but I don’t think she’s that kind of person, luckily for her.