• dte

    Maybe it is a hint that they are always in opposite directions so the relationship will never work? I know, I’m reaching…sigh

  • poker
  • Lily

    He needs to move on, jfc.

    • Mirela

      They both need to move. Stop victimizing Selena, people! Selena is fault for ALWAYS going back. She treats him badly as well. All she does is use him. They will break up, and get back together in a blink of an eye.

      • bs

        If she treats him badly why is he always chasing her? You don’t know sh*t. We know anything

        • Mirela

          Uhmmm. It has always been Selena going after him. Open your eyes and start realizing the reality. He barely goes back to her. It’s always her. She is the one going on trips to meet him. It’s not the other way around. Stop being in denial. Selena is NOT the victim here.

          • lol

            but justin is the one always posting these photos…”its always her” now your victimizing justin lol

          • bs

            The only time that she went after him was Norway. I guess you’re talking about her Miami trip, but she was there for only a day clearly for a studio call to finish their duet. Selena is not a victim nor is Justin.

  • HolyGround

    That picture is super adorable

  • A

    If anyone has been following Justin and Selena they would know this * throw back picture* is a little promote for little new music video coming out. You just wait and see

    • A

      For her new music coming * which I am guessing is in a few days*

    • ….

      It was actually to distract fans & media from the fact that she had her deposition about him that day

  • ava
  • oh

    Justin Bieber Detained by U.S. Immigration Officials After Flying Into Los Angeles From Japan

  • Dara

    Is this Jelena shit ever going to stop?

    • honesty

      Well, from how things have gone previously, no. Unfortunately not.

  • Cali

    I can feel the PR.

  • BangBang

    If they don’t want people to stick their noses into their relationship they need to stop doing these things.