Bieber High Fived Friends After Egging

bieber-ugly-hatAfter Justin Bieber egged his neighbors house, he was seen on surveillance video running behind a car outside his house immediately and peeking out from the side. He was caught on tape celebrating and high-fiving his friends, cops told TMZ.

They have Justin Bieber on the singer’s own surveillance video walking in the area of the egg attack right at the time it happened. Cops knew the culprit in the video was Bieber because he was wearing the same sweater he wore in an Instagram photo the next day.

The LA DA is now determining whether to charge Bieber with a misdemeanor or felony.


  • Zaina777

    Cue the Beliebers in denial go on and on about how nobody ever says anything about the “good deeds” that bratty Bieber does.

  • Tash

    Was just thinking, a bunch of celebs like Kelly Osbourne down played this & defended Bieber, claiming people were over reacting because it’s Bieber. But I’m sure they wouldn’t have felt the same if a random kid did it to their home. The kid would have had to pay. He shouldn’t be exempt due to fame & wealth. Especially with all that money, he can do whatever he wants, things we could only dream of. Yet he chose to vandalize someones property due to them not letting him prance around like he owns the world. Especially since he won’t admit wrong doing & didn’t try to settle with them for the damages & apologize. Just shows his mentality. People like that need to be brought back down to earth. Those people work hard for their privileges & didn’t just strike it lucky at 13 & sit with their millions bored at 20. That is just childishness, spite & ego. The money to pay for damages might be pocket change to him, but they unfortunately will miss that money in their bank account & it surely took years to achieve such things. For some self entitled punk to come & mess with that is wrong & you’re delusional if you don’t see it. You may see it as a prank but he victimized those people & his continuos juvenile behavior is disrupting their way of life. I would not let it go. You’re sadly mistaken if you think you can harass somebody, think it’s a joke & get away with it.