Demi Lovato Besame Mucho New Song

Is it for Wilmer?!

  • you’re annoying

    this is a remake, it’s not even her song.

    • sunfolowerluvx

      nope is not….thats not the lyrics of the song besame mucho lol

  • Patty

    At first I thought it was about Wilmer (He is Venezuelan/Colombian), I’m from Colombia, and now I remeber the first time she came (without the Jonas), she was having fun, en tweeting, saying colombians were handsome, and twetted Kim K, that she needed to come, blah blah blah, she also went to a very famous restaurant/club and they crowned her (somethin they do to special visitors), and in the song she says something about a crown, so I suposed she had a little crush on someone while she was here, wrote the song and that is it.

    • Anon

      She was talking about Wilmer

  • Patty
  • jul

    please learn how to speak spanish before recording a song..

  • Godney

    Bitch needs to learn spanish…