Grohl ‘Miley’s Music Is Stripper Pop’

lorde-lollapalooza (4)Foo Fighters front Dave Grohl said he is relieved that Lorde is here for his girls so they don’t get into Miley’s stripper pop. He told Rolling Stone about first time hearing Lorde: ‘I was driving. My two daughters, Violet and Harper, who are eight and five years old, started singing along.

I was so happy and relieved that my two girls were singing a popular song on the radio that had some substance and depth, which I considered to be healthy for them as kids. I know that sounds kind of parent-ish.”

hen I first heard ‘Royals’ it was sandwiched between all of that other stripper pop. I was so fucking relieved. I thought, ‘Hey, this might be another revolution.’ When I met her I said, ‘When I first heard your song on the radio and my kids sang along I felt like there was hope for my kids to grow up in an environment which is more than just superficial.’

There’s something about her that represented or resembled the Nirvana aesthetic. She has an incredible future ahead of her as a writer, performer and vocalist.’


  • Rocky

    But he didn’t even say anything about Miley? Why are you dragging her into something that doesn’t involve her?

    • thecat61

      Because that’s how OU rolls. Idiots!

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    Dave Grohl is a sexist, creepy dinosaur.

    Of course he hates music produced by strong women.

    • stick that bs up your LYIN ass

      “strong women” ok

      • casey

        gyrating around in practically naked is not my definition of a “strong woman.” women are being sexually exploited in the entertainment industry more than ever today. its not cool, or liberating. its a bunch of MALE executive PIMPS making money off young, oversexed women and teaching young impressionable girls that the only way to be successful/popular is to be valued as a sex object.

        how “Strong”…ya right

        and though i agree with dave grohl, he doesnt mention miley at all lol

    • Godney

      He has said the same shit about Britney… what does he expect? for pop music to raise his kids?! fuck him

  • kurdt kobain


  • Some Dude

    “She has an incredible future ahead of her as a writer, performer and vocalist.”

    Except she sucks live and people only like her voice because it sounds like Adele except younger, weaker, and less soulful. Miley’s got her beat there.

    • thecat61

      I think she performed at the rock n roll hall of fame ceremony and she sounded bad.

    • anna

      shell get better live within time. miley would sound horrible life too if it weren’t for back up vocalists and most likely her cd track playing, as well.