• Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    Nothing says “class” like an event sponsored by a toilet paper brand.

    • Tash

      There were other sponsors. Also, everybody needs toilet paper, so that’s a lucrative business. I’d pitch up to that event. Better than sitting our assess at home, commenting on the guy who was invited, probably got paid decently & most likely also got a bunch of free stuff, not to mention the chance to mingle. May not be an A lister but it’s not a bad gig.

  • Tash

    I know people compare Joe to James as a diss to Joe, but they do remind me of each other for some reason. James reminds me of Joe & the Jonas boys. From his look to his personality. He’s such a genuine & sweet guy. Very normal, cute boy next door kinda thing. It’s refreshing amongst all the Hollywood, Diva, Wankster, Childish & Perv types. Love the sincerity.

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