• anna

    this guys gonna be bankrupt come 2030, of course the jonas brothers will have a “reunion” tour to delay the bankruptcy

    • Anon

      I think Joe is going bankrupt first because at least Kevin is working.

      • 56776

        tipical the is same person have to say that

    • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

      Kevin is the only one WORKING.

      Joe just pretends to bang his beard, and Nick deposits his seed into multiple women.

      • http://oceanup.com OCEANUP

        is nick cheating on livia??

      • Azzz

        Comments like this makes me laugh another joke please

      • Tash

        So filming a tv show is regarded as being unemployed on your planet hey. So most of Hollywood must be unemployed too. Oh & apparently a man having a steady girlfriend & not being spotted cheating, having any cheating rumors floating around or being seen with random females, means that man is sleeping around. Not to mention, making up & spreading blatant malicious lies is a sure sign of honesty, truth & well intent. Wow, your planet must be in shambles. With all that chaos & confusion, no wonder you made the move to Earth. Too bad that cesspool of waste matter managed to hide aboard your head & come out through your mouth.

    • 3434

      they are not gonna be bankrupt dont made up a ridiculous comments that only exist in fucking mind

    • http://oceanup.com OCEANUP

      now that alena rose is old enough danielle should go back to hairdressing to pitch in

  • Adada

    dat ass tho

  • Anon

    Kevin has a hot body.

  • gfhfgh

    Ha kevin was in universal studious florida for celebrity apprentice