Miley Detox Program ‘Saved Her Life’

miley-cyrus-dying (1)Is Miley Cyrus lying to her fans again? She is currently in a detox program according to a friend. Miley’s rep cited the antibiotic cephalexin as the source of her ‘extreme allergic reaction’ to cure her sinus infection.

A friend revealed to Star the real story: ‘It seems a bit far-fetched that someone could be hospitalized for almost a month just from a reaction to antibiotics. And Miley never gives out such detailed statements about her personal life, it all seems fishy.

Some of us think that sh’es run herself into the ground, that he body was so overloaded from all the partying and drugs that she’s actually in the hospital going through a detox program.’

Board certified ENT Dr. Alen Cohen: ‘It’s extremely rare for a doctor to order his patient to stay in the hospital for a 27 day period for a sinus infection or a reaction to antibiotics. Cephalexin is a very mild antibiotic.

In a worse case scenario Miley’s severe sinus infection could start infecting the tissue around her eyes and brain which could cause permanent damage. In this case, the the doctor would need to keep her in their care as long as possible until they are sure the infection isn’t spreading.

ANOTHER possible reason why doctors might be keeping Miley in hospital is ‘to monitor her and make sure she is not taking drugs that would worsen the sinus infection. Introducing harmful and foreign substances like cocaine or heroin to healthy tissues in the nose can cause a infection.

Snorting drugs like cocaine and Molly could worsen Miley’s sinus infection and she could face severe damage to the brain. At the Met Ball in NYC on May 6 last year, several eyetwitnesses saw Miley snorting a powdered substance.

Gala guest told Star: ‘ I went in the bathroom and saw four girls trying to squeeze into a stall. The door was open so people could see. Miley put her finger over one nostril bent down over the back of the toilet and snorted up white powder. I watch her do it.

Insider: ‘Miley has been on a downward spiral for a long time; all the partying and drugs use has taken a huge toll. This hospitalization has forced her to let her body res. It probably saved her life.’


  • l

    that picture is creepy/scary

    • D:

      illuminati reprogramming


    very happy that the doctors wouldn’t let her leave and made her detox. she wanted to smoke and take drugs on 4/20 and could have ended up dead. thankfully she has some sane ppl around her!

  • thecat61

    She was in the hospital for a fucking week. A detox program would not allow someone to take selfies and tweet. Fucking tabloids give it up already.


    after the rumor of her having sex with jeremy bieber came up nothing is sacred anymore

  • yeya

    I don’t believe this shit, but I’ve never heard of someone with a severe allergic reaction that stayed so long in a Hospital, I’ve had them a couple of times and they wouldn’t let me there for more than a three days because they say that hospitals are full of sicker people and your inmune system gets fucked up (also I’m not sure if this is only in my country but they don’t like to keep people n hospitals for a long time unless it icu and that stuff) so they rather keep you at home to rest a LOOOTT with treatments.

  • BrokenArrow18

    lmao done with this s hit

  • Catherine Elizabeth

    i have to say that i believe miley’s story. in the summer i had an allergic reaction to the same antibiotics reflex. i got pancreatits as a result and had to be hospitalized for a bit!

    • thecat61

      Sorry to hear that. Hope everything is working out for you.

      I had a allergic reaction to fish. I was eating a fish fry one day and my lips started to swell as did my throat. It wasn’t that bad of a reaction because I stopped right away, drank a lot of water and gargled with salt water. I know it sounds crazy but it worked.

  • laura

    Ugh seriously, I am getting so fed up with these sources and so called friends. If you were an actual friend, you wouldn’t be a little bitch and spread rumours.
    I am glad she is doing better, allergic reactions are seriously awful.

  • cf

    Don;t do drugs, kids.