One Direction Bogota Press Conference

one-direction-bogota-tour (8)one-direction-bogota-tour (4)The 2014 Where We Are World Tour kicked off with a press conference today in Bogota, Columbia. The tour hits the US on August 4th, 2014 at Metlife Stadium. Full dates and ticket info available HERE! This is going to be a sick tour..

Harry thinks Asami Zdrenka from the girl band Neon Jungle ‘is really hot.’ She met Hay at the Sony Music party following February’s Brit Awards. Bandmate Amira told HEAT: ‘There was sparks, fireworks, explosions! I reckon there were sparks. He whispered in my ear that she’s hot.’

Jess: ‘Yeah same! He said that she’s amazing, he said ‘Asami’s really hot!’ and I was like ‘yeah she is isn’t she!” Zdrenka revealed she is a big fan of the One Direction. According to the hits radio, ‘she sleeps with little cardboard 1D cut-outs next to her bed’.

She told METRI: ‘I still fancy him. And he follows me on Twitter as well. I don’t know if I’d want to go on a date though, if I’m honest. But if it happens.. I think it would be fun!’


    harry and louis broke up after louis and liam had sex

  • anon

    Liam looks like Ricky Martin, Harry would look hot if he got a haircut, Niall looks cute, Zayn looks stunning.

    Louis needs a haircut

  • anon

    i wonder if niall got a ticket cause he has fine written all over him

  • FuckHarry

    Zayn and Niall look so good wow, and Asami from neon jungle is insanely gorgeous I ship it.

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    Wow, Harry looks uglier every time I see him. Poor guy!

  • K

    It’s Colombia* you idiot.

  • ledster

    *Colombia not Columbia