Selena Gomez Drops ‘Toxic’ Jenners

selena-jennergooooddMentally unstable Selena Gomez dropped Kendall and Kylie Jenner because she wants to focus on her music and thinks the Jenners a toxic distraction, reports TMZ. Selena had an epiphany after Coachella last week, where she was surrounded by alcohol and drugs while hanging with the Jenner girls, Justin Bieber and all the hangers-on.

Selena’s sick of that scene, so she’s decided to cut out what she considers the biggest sources of negativity, Jenner girls included. Selena made the cut official by unfollowing Kendall and Kylie on Instagram. She also deleted all her Coachella selfies with the sisters.

Selena, who had substance abuse problems, is trying to stay on the wagon.

Do YOU think Bieber is with Selena right now?

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  • right

    But as her new management grounded her

    • right


  • Bae

    Thats such a joke since selena smokes & drinks as well
    So why should she have a problem with that when others do it as well?

  • Annoms

    why cut the jenner girls out selena you know it ain’t them it’s your boy Justin that’s giving you a bad rep he’s the one that is doing drugs and stuff, you the stupidest bitch on earth

    to think he is not the one that is going to fuck up your life up drop his ass too and maybe then you’ll be fine.

    • RiriNAVY

      Grow up please. She is a grown woman and he as a two years younger isn’t anythreat to her he isn’t even around her all the time and he isn’t forcing her into anything stop blaming others for her shit. Specially Bieber. He smokes some weed oh wow big deal. At least he won’t get cancer and die from it like she could if she keeps smoking cigarettes. Get a clue.

      • Zaina777

        I find it funny how you claim that Selena is a grown woman yet when I said the exact same thing about your precious Bieber you said that he still had a lot of growing up to do. Hypocrite much?

        • RiriNAVY

          Again this psycho stalker.
          I think Justin Bieber needs to grow up and has growing up to do because he’s acting like a fucking idiot you dumbass. That was the point I wasn’t defending him. He is responsible for his actions SO IS your little Selena so cut your bs.She isn’t to blame for his issues but also he isn’t to blame for hers. It’s funny how you’re the only hypocritical idiot here who defends her but blames Justin Bieber for everything yet say how he is responsible for his actions? You can’t even understand my point without sounding dumb as fuck. Gtfo please and realize the main point

          • Zaina777

            No…you imbecile. You said that he was not a grown man at all.Its not called stalking its callied remembering basic shit. Clearly that’s too much for you to grasp.

          • RiriNAVY

            Lol. Your comments make me laugh hard. Whatever makes you sleep at night darling ;)

          • Zaina777

            Says the Belieber in denial.

          • Nina

            Your only comeback lol. Meanwhile nobody likes that idiot at all they’re just not blind stans of a fame whore

          • Zaina777

            I’m not a Blind Stan…I like who I like. Yeah right you don’t like him? You defend him any chance you get.

        • Mariah

          Alright girl…she is the oldest one out if them all and keeps blaming them for her shit and throws them under the bus. You need to stop living in denial already. He has nothing to do with this or her problems but again people bring him up as if he is a devil that controlled her life hahah. Get a reality check.

          • Zaina777

            You’re also an imbecile. Selena is barely two years apart from Bieber. Yet you act as if they’re ten years apart from each other she is only like one month older than Demi and like four months older than Miley. All of these people still have some growing up to do. Justin fits into that group too. Stop defending him, moron it’s all an act.

          • VC

            Selena’s an act too yet you keep defending her? No you stop telling people what to do and calling them imbeciles because they dislike your precious Selenita honey. Who are you to tell someone to stop doing something? Grow up please. Also
            The mmain point was to make fools like you realize it’s not Justin’s fault Selena is a mess and it’s boy her fault he acts like a douche. They are responsible for their own actions yet everyone blames Justin for everything specially when it comes to Selena. Her PR team blames everyone else for her problematic behaviour all the time and she keeps being a hypocrite and toxic herself. Thats the point. You as a blind Stan can deny it all you want but she is now showing her true colors and there’s many reasons Justin’s fans or Miley’s fans dislike her. Actually there’s many reasons people in general dislike her and you need to stop thinking they are jealous that she dated someone. Selena is just a basic pretty face that is mostly talked about people she is with more then her ‘talent’ she doesn’t do as much as charity as Taylor either or is a good role model anymore. Deny it all you want or call me a ‘belieber’ it’s the truth. Stop blaming Justin or her friends or even his friends lol, take some responsibility and woman up. That’s what she needs to do.

          • VC

            It’s not her fault he acts like a douche*

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    If Kendall Jenner released an album, it would sell more than Selena’s.

    • sure

      Kim is more famous and her music flopped hard

      • Duckyhoward15

        Cos everyone knew it was a joke tbh , I doubt you can call her single a song

        • sure

          So why Kendall’s would not be seen as a joke?

          • Duckyhoward15

            Because Kendall seems smarter than Kim tbh and I think if she ever decided to do an album she will work really hard on it just a thought :)

          • noriwest

            yeah right. no one takes the jenner/kardashian girls boys serious

          • Duckyhoward15

            But they still go and buy their things and watch their show lol

          • idk

            Music public is distinct from reality shows public. That’s why Paris Hilton never made it in music

          • Jes

            paris is still doing better then kim though. people tend to like paris music for some reason

          • Duckyhoward15

            If you think about people only listen to women who get naked and dance for example katy perry

          • johnny

            Ratings are wayyyy down. for their show.

          • Duckyhoward15

            Well nothing stays the same , when they started it wasn’t down and people still give them their money

  • R

    She needs to drop other knees and pray to The Lord.

    • lol

      The same article says she is going to the church everyday

  • thecat61

    Talk about throwing someone under the bus, ouch.

    • aly

      She always blames her problems on other people. A person who is truly responsible and mature wouldn’t do drugs even if there are people around them doing too. It’s like drinking, some friends do, some don’t. If you can’t stay clean then the problem is YOU, not the others.

  • Guest1

    So did she drop bieber too or are they trying to get better together?

    • whoknows

      They hasn’t been seen together since Coachella

  • Len

    Just because TMZ says something it does not mean that’s true. TMZ also said Selena laughed about some Justins instagram pic but next day she was in his arms

    • Duckyhoward15

      True I am more than sure now that jelena won’t end anytime soon they keep going back and forth

  • Duckyhoward15

    Her team shows her as the innocent girl I am sure teens won’t fool a woman who is 21 years old :/

  • breakingnews
  • guest

    “She also deleted all her Coachella selfies with the sisters.”
    No, this photo is still there
    “The Insta-purge continued … with Bieber and a bunch of others getting dropped”
    She never followed Bieber lol

  • Kathy

    Selena still throw people under the bus…

    • Kathy


  • Marrisa

    Okay, I’m starting to think the whole thing with Selena and substance abuse is planned thing to make Selena look bad, to finally break a good girl image from Disney Channel. Tink about it. It seems like a joke at first, but it a great plan for her to get more adult movie roles, not just some family/comedy type of thing where she alwyas play a daughter or a teenager.

    • Marrisa

      Sorry for any mistakes in my comment. I was just rushing.

  • Clauber

    Substance abuse problems? OMG

  • Anon

    Funny how people tweeted she was so drunk herself and passed out while she was there. I am sure random people wouldn’t just lie like that who were really there. We all know her PR team lives throwing others under the bus and blaming them for her shit mostly Justin Bieber meanwhile he isn’t even with her that much. Seriously.. Selena take some responsibility and grow up.

    • learntointerpretatext

      That doesn’t says she never did anything. Just that she is in for a change.

  • dancer145

    Didn’t she JUST say she was going to concentrate on acting after her last album. And the whole Kylie and kendal thing I’m sure was all publicity. Selena got paid to go to Coachella and I’m sure the Jenners also did. She really needs to step back from Justin and go back into treatment or something because she hasn’t been looking good lately.

    • laura

      Every celeb that goes to Coachella gets paid, just saying..

      • dancer145

        I dont think every celeb gets paid I know lea Michele got paid 20,000 and Vanessa got paid 15,000 and I know that Joe and a few other celbs were trying to get paid. Im sure a lot of them do but I know Selena did and well all of the Jenner’s and Kardashions get paid for whatever they do. IDK Selena needs to start taking charge of her life and stop letting her management control it so much.

        • laura

          Probably only the ‘relevant’ ones but it are quite a lot of them and the ones that don’t get paid are probably annoyed as fuck :p Vanessa even got paid by Mc Donalds haha or did she decline it and got paid by someone else? :s
          tbh I don’t even care about Selena, all the drama annoys the shit out of me…

  • Overexposed

    I don’t think they are feuding. Selena unfollowed because she knows she will get the attention she wants and needs.

  • cassy

    In a few days, when she gets bored & lonely, she’ll run back to justin & they’ll be spottings of them hanging out together, & they’ll most likely be with his drugged out crew since he never goes anywhere without them. It’s a cycle… these rumors of selena come out where she’s getting her life together, and then days later she’s back to hanging out with him. i dont know why anyone takes them seriously.

  • cassy

    Oh, and weren’t there rumors of selena and the jenners working on a project together?… so if that’s the case, this is all probably some sort of plan to get the most promo possible, for when whatever they are working on is released.

  • Brit

    Damn, this bitch is going crazy! She finds new people, then throws them under the bus and makes up an excuse as to why she is done with them. Selena and Demi use to be friends, then she left demi for taylor. Drops Taylor then goes to bieber. Drops bieber then trys to pull a rehab publicity stunt and blame it on bieber. Then goes back to demi, drops demi kinda. Goes to Jenners, drops the jenners and makes an excuse that they’re toxic. Seriously Selena, you aren’t some innocent little Disney star anymore. Grow up and take some responsibilities instead of blaming them on others. You honestly are just hanging out with celebs just to get fame.

  • BrokenArrow18

    lmao she’s toxic for herself

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Well I honestly hope she gets it together and keeps it together but there’s always a cycle with her. We’ll see.

  • Eva

    That is stupid, she was the one smoking at Coachella and the Jenner kids weren’t. If anything she is the terrible influence on them.