• Hollyhysteria


  • thecat61

    Omg! That’s pretty cool!

  • BritneyS

    Miley still the same.

  • Alii

    Looks like Taylor Momsen.

  • TrueSmiler

    Still the same retarded pathetic Bangerz slut.

    I think she needs to stay at least two years in the hospital to your brain, perhaps, return to function normally.

    Weed relax, but, also turns anyone sluggish, smoking a lot and a long time turns retarded.

    Just the truth.

    And Miley’s brain is full of weed.

    Just other truth.


    Anyway, she looks pretty.

    • thecat61

      You’re whacked!

  • mountainmiracle

    why is she so proud of doing drugs? can she get anymore pathetic…