One Direction Bogota Colombia Pictures

one-direction-where-we-are-colombia (20)liam-payne-fansOne Direction concert pictures and videos in Bogota, Colombia. + video of Niall scratching his crotch under! Harry and Louis got new tattoos! See in thumbnails below. Set list under!

Louis Tomlinson asked for Britney Spears’ autograph back in 2012. Simon told Sugarscape: ‘I think the last text I got from Louis was ‘can I have Britney’s autograph?’ I got it for him, yeah. But we have a good relationship and it’s a friendship.. we had that from day one.’

Midnight Memories
Little Black Dress
Kiss You
Why Don’t We Go There
Rock Me
Don’t Forget Where You Belong
Live While We’re Young
C’mon, C’mon
Right Now
Through The Dark
Little Things
Better Than Words
One Thing
What Makes You Beautiful
You & I
Story of My Life
Little White Lies
Best Song Ever


  • anon

    damn niall

  • FuckHarry

    Niall stole the damn show tbh, it was his time to shine.

    Liam & Nialls tweets got me all emotional like damn.

    Omg the show looked like so much fun from the vines I saw, I’m so proud of them.

    • Luciana

      The pictures are actually from Perú (the ones in the balcony) :) Just came back from the hotel… They are THE SWEETEST and seemed so happy and emotional to be here :D can’t believe I saw them after 3 years

      • FuckHarry

        Omg they’re in Perú already?

        Really? How was it? I’m going to see them for the first time also in September I can’t believe it :D

      • Fvhnn

        Haha they are gonna eat delicious food in Peru because Peruvian food are the most delicious food in the world everybody say that the peruvian food is the number one than any other food I have taste

        • Luciana

          You are right! Peruvian food is delicious :) I hope they like it

    • Duckyhoward15

      Come on did you see when Harry was singing happily , he was the happiest of all of them , I think Zayn was kinda distracted and Louis seemed annoyed with something

      • FuckHarry

        Yes that was so adorable also when he missed his solo in wmyb it was so cute cause he was clapping and having fun. But Niall was really having the time of his life like dd you see his little move in better than words I still haven’t recovered from that.

        • Duckyhoward15

          Harry looked like a little kid that night jumping and clapping , hahha yes I think most of the fandom died from it XD

  • Lila

    What is the name of that song?

    • FuckHarry

      The vine one? Better than words (: