Selenita Gomez Hires Katy Perry Manager

selenita-katy-perry-managerPerfect faced Selena Gomez has hired Bradford Cobb, who manages Katy Perry and Adam Lambert, reports Us Weekly. The decision comes after Gomez cancelled her Australian tour in December and secretly entered rehab in January and reconnected with boyfriend Justin Bieber.

Selena recently deleted Kendall & Kylie Jenner and all of their pictures together on Instagram. Cobb has spent more than a decade in the industry making a name for himself, and was instrumental in making Katy Perry a superstar.

Cobb: ‘For me, it’s really about the team. Everyone [at Direct Management Group] works on all of the clients, and we build the right team for each artist.’ Selena parted ways with her label Hollywood Records.

  • BritneyS

    She looks old…sometimes I can’t recognize her.

  • noriwest

    Good for selena

  • Truth

    Thank God she left Hollywood records! Demi needs to leave next

    • noriwest

      200% agree

  • Clauber

    I like the Song. And about the manager: great Selenita

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Cute Instavid, she looks timidly beautiful in that photo.

  • A

    No Demi needs to leave hwr

    • A


  • laura

    Aww that video was actually really cute. And in that picture she looks like a girl from uni I can’t stand at all…

    • noriwest

      which uni?

      • laura

        I study in Belgium so I don’t really think you’d know her…

  • party

    she has such a baby face.
    she really don’t look 21 she looks 10 or 12 wow

  • Ricardo

    Well done! She’ll slay.. Katy’s Management are so good!

  • Ricardo

    About the video, just one word: Flawless

  • Ok

    Video reminds me of adore you by miley cyrus

    • tre

      OMG! That’s what I thought, I was there she goes copying one of miley video again. Its like miley made that video about her playing piano for the movie and there was selena pretending to play the piano when she don’t know how to play instruments like miley. she always doing this, anything miley does she goes and copied a couple of weeks later so much for her never been original, she going to copy get someone older jesus!!! not your competition that why she will always be second fiddle.

      • A Cat

        She’s copying…..because she played the piano?

        Do you realize that instruments are not limited to being played by just Miley Cyrus? LOL

        • tre

          Honey, is just one example of the multiple things she does right after miley does it, why do you twittle dumb girls always make excusesher are all selena fans this stupid? EVERYONE has notice she copies miley only her fans make dumb excuses because they don’t want to admit the obvious, I don’t know how can anyone follow such a bad copy of another to me is clueless? selena copies and even perez the one who defend her even call her out on her copy of miley. . so stop wi excuses for her bbecause is just tooo obvios, now she trying to take the sexy route happen to classy jajaja someone who talks about sex in their songs and how ssleep with them at anytime.selena please she is a copycat, trouble maker and people user.

          • A Cat

            Nothing Miley is doing is original either. Ever heard of Britney Spears? Madonna? Miley’s relying on the shock factor to separate herself from anything Disney and show that she’s “grown up” and “matured”. It’s the same thing that every celebrity does when they start in the industry at a young age.


          • tre

            see this is what am talking about the stupidity of selena fans.
            LET ME EXPLAIN AGAIN!!!
            selena is not miley friend, miley is younger than her. why is she copying her suppose enemy and rival. Miley is not copying anyone else in her age group, Britney nor Madonna are miley’s competition while miley IS selena competiton and they are nnot even friends to begin with for selena to be copying everything miley does, NOw do you get or do we still have to elaborate details of what miley fans mean when we say why is selena copying miley? like really stopped and miley is not the one making speeches about been classy and then seen all drunk up with coke buddies selena is! so talk about hypocrite! eh


    Is she making fun of miley’s video adore you? because she always doing the mean girl vibe and then act all innocent when she starts the trouble, she a little trouble makes, selena has had problem with EVERYONE NOW EVEN HER PARENTS SHE AINT NO ANGEL SHE ONLY LOOKING AFTER HERSELF.

  • guest

    10 days ago it was announced that she had hired WME and Brillstein as her new managers. Now it is Direct Management Group. Which is it? Can’t she make up her mind?

    • anon

      She hired both
      WME for acting
      Direct Management Group for music

      • guest

        I guess they would tend to specialize.

  • Tash

    In the pic where her hair is in a bun, she looks like that lady who plays Paul Walkers wife in Fast & Furious.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    her new management is doing a better job at getting press already

  • Eva

    But why isn’t she concentrating on movies? What is going on with her? jeez.