Justin Bieber Hard 2 Face Reality Listen!

Justin Bieber Arriving On A Flight At LAXUPDATED with amazingly hot photos of Bieber in New York City!

  • so

    Justin is doing a Calvin Klein shoot in NYC. Curious to see as it turns

    • so

      Also he is doing that with Kendall Jenner ;)

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  • Tash

    I like it & pooh bear has a nice voice. But it kinda just sounds like a mash up of ‘Alone’ & ‘Flatline’. I also don’t like how short his new songs are. He hasn’t been really doing more than 2 verses & very short choruses. The new stuff doesn’t have a lot of lyrics, just him playing around with the vocals & he’s using a lot of the same concepts & words in multiple songs.

  • Matthew

    I feel like I’m the only one who prefers his new music because it’s so much more mature and fits his voice better. I always thought he was too good for mainstream catchy pop. He should keep up with r&b add some blues guitar on songs do some JT shit and work more with Rodney and Pharell. They both like him and worked with him before a lot. His last two albums were a lot better specially Journals. Too bad due to his bad PR people ignored his growth. I hope he keeps up this low key behao and focuses on music. He has potential and hopefully he won’t waste it. Also he shouldn’t release a duet with Selena. Sorry but that’s embarrassing and looking at great artists he worked with it would be a huge downgrade. She’s a cute girl but nah stay away from the music girl. So yeah this is a nice song, I loved One Life,Memphis, Rollercoaster & Flatline on Journals.

    • sure

      He didn’t get better. He just jacked Poo Bear talent

      • Matthew

        No. He got a lot better and his vocals as well. He didn’t jack his talent either he actually signed that dude and will give him a chance and credit nobody before got him. But hey that’s just your opinion.

        • sure

          If you listen Poo Bear mixtape released in 2012 you can see that it has exactly the same sound that Justin used in Josurnals and in this new track. That’s not bad for Poo but I would prefer Justin coming with something from his own

          • Ayylove

            yeah but Justin even mentioned that Poo Bear helped him write the songs on that album

  • HolyGround

    I really don’t like it tbh. Can’t tell what he’s saying and all his new songs sound the same to me. I think he has a decent voice though.

  • Nina

    I like it. Calm and relaxing. He came long way since baby for sure :)

  • Hollyhysteria

    Don’t like it. It sounds like he is singing without really opening his mouth, like he is just mumbling and monotone.

  • jb
  • Marina And My Diamonds

    No opinion because I don’t feel like listening to it, yet.

  • http://radiants0ul.tumblr.com/ getlikemiley

    idk all his new songs seem to sound the same