Kristen Stewart Lesbian, Has Girlfriend

kristen-stewart-girlfriendalicia-cargileKristen Stewart is bisexual and is dating Alicia Cargile. There love affair started after Alicia comforted Kristen following her split from Rob last May. Source told ShowBizSpy: ‘Love is love to Kristen. She’s really happy with Alicia.’

People are wondering if Kristen could be following in the foot­steps of her mom Jules, a writer/ director who moved in with her girlfriend after splitting from her husband in June 2010, according to the source.

‘All of Jules’ close friends are gay.and she’s made Kristen more comfort­able with exploring her own sexuality.’ See pictures of Kristen and her girlfriend out a couple of months ago HERE!

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  • ISeeSparksFly

    Awe no. I wanted her to get back with Rob. I loved them together. Plus, he’s sexy as fuck.

    I guess it’s kinda obvious though. Kristen just seems like she would be at least bisexual.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    had no idea her mom had a girl friend.Good for kristen if this is true( which seems plausable IMO)

  • :D

    I knew it tbh. I’ve always got vibes from her. Good for her though, if shes happy :)
    I wonder if Taylor Swift is next bc I also get vibes from her, just like I did w/a couple of other female celebs who actually came out.

  • laura

    Good for her, I am glad she is doing well and found someone new :)