• Ridetheocean

    Noticing a little underlying British theme in these videos,hmm,very interesting indeed ;)

  • Hazzy

    Her red face remember an acquaintance of mine that has lupus, but maybe it is the makeup

    • i think

      Its probably just a make-up fail

    • Marina And My Diamonds

      Too much blush.

  • Mirela

    This girl cannot make up her decision when it comes to her hair. One day it’s full of extensions, the next it’s natural.

    • Commonsense

      What’s the problem with that? Many people do it. It’s good to have options :)

      • Mirela

        It’s just that she should what to do with her for a few months, then change it. I find it extremely confusing with extensions one day then natural the next. It’s hard to keep up. I’m not complaining, though.

        • Eva

          Why should she do things so that you can keep up? As long as she likes it let her be!

  • javi g

    what’s the name of the app she’s using for those videos?

  • doodles

    Her hair is amazing!! I’ve been jealous since wizards, it just holds all these cute styles even without extensions.

  • watchnow
  • Guest1

    Let’s randomly add a picture of bieber even though this post isn’t even about him.

    • Cali

      Her career is centered around him atm though


  • xoxo gossipgirl
  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Her instavids are stupid buuuut of course she’s gorgeous.