Ariana Grande Problem #1 On iTunes!

ariana-grande-problem (1)ariana-grande-problem (5)Ariana Grande told Ryan Seacrest of ‘Problem”s ‘bipolar’ message of a love-hate relationship: ‘I feel like once you get to that point, it’s either you break up or you just work it out and you stay for a while.’

I did a really cool song with Chris Brown called ‘Don’t Be Gone Too Long,’ and that’s his single, so technically I’m featured on his, but it became like a duet,” Ariana explains. “We both sing the whole thing together.

I don’t know if it is going to be on my album or not, but it’s on his. It’s probably going to be on both, but I don’t know for sure yet because mine isn’t 100 percent done yet. I’m really excited about it. I put out my first album and I really loved it and I never thought I’d be able to love a project as much, and then I made this album and I was like, ‘Yours Truly, who?’’

On presenting an award together with Iggy Azalea in Amsterdam. ‘We went to a party after and we sat together for the whole party and we really clicked ..and I thought she was the coolest girl. I loved her.’ Photos by: Sadao Turner/ Ryan Seacrest Productions.

UPDATED with Ariana talking about Sam & Cat under!

On crying meeting Jim Carrey: ‘You don’t understand. This was built up for years, like you don’t understand. My first screen name on AIM, when AIM was a thing, was JimCarreyFan42, I’m not lying.. For my birthday, my mom would get me replicas of The Mask he wore in the movie. I just loved him so much.

Ariana will also be performing a medley of ‘The Way’ and ‘Problem’ at the iHeartRadio Music Awards this Thursday: ‘I’m very excited. I really want to enter on a motorcycle, I don’t know if they can work that out. I really want to come through with the ’60s bad-boy vibe.

I would have a boy to drive the motorcycle and I would sit on the back with a lollipop. Ariana told Billboad: ‘I’m a workaholic, and a perfectionist. I never thought I’d be able to say this, but I love this [album] five times as much as I love ‘Yours Truly.’ They’re different, but I love this one so much more.’ It will be out August/ September.

‘Problem’ truly represents the feeling of being absolutely terrified to re-approach a relationship that’s gone sour, but you want to more than anything,” says Grande. The singer also cryptically confirms that the song is based on her still-evolving relationship with an ex: ‘In the song, it ends on a sappy, negative note, but in [real] life, we’re hoping it’s going to end on a positive one. I feel like it’s all very honest and human.’

Electronic superstar Zedd worked on a track, which Grande says is ‘fantastic and super-experimental for me. I never thought I’d do an EDM song, but that was an eye-opening experience, and now all I want to do is dance.’




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    i don’t see it staying #1 for long. either way, i think the songs alright. don’t really like the whispering part though because it reminds me of the ting yang twins whisper song

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    shes so insecure because she always has be to be shown by her left side

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      maybe she just likes that angle tho

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    of course its number 1 its so good, cant wait for this album to slay.

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