Christina Grimmie Hold On We’re Going Home Drake Cover THE VOICE Performance WATCH NOW!

Studio version under! Do YOU like Christina Grimmie?

  • fuck

    so fuckin dumb why go on a show when you already have a large following????? shes good but its infuriating she shouldnt have even tried out

    • omw

      That’s the idea of the show! All of the contestants already have experience and musical backgrounds. Christina just have such a large following because of her covers in Youtube, which is what made her famous in the first place. But aside to that, she’s still not a superstar or recognised as a star. She needs this competition to show the world who she is and make it big. I’m definitely #TeamGrimmie!

    • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

      The Voice is where dropped losers and musical failures go to humiliate themselves.

      Poor Christina! If she wins this, her career is OVER.

      • aca-excuse me

        You are a complete moron.

  • Chibiusa

    that was beautiful I hope this gets her the recognition she deserves she is incredibly talented ♡