Harry Styles Liam Payne Machu Picchu

picchuliam-payne-harry-styles-cuzco-peru (9)liam-passportLiam Payne & Harry Styles go hiking at Machu Picchu in Cuzco, Peru today.

Photo credit: El Comercio.

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  • 5657

    they are in machu picchu peru they are gonna eat delicious food there

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    Wow, Harry looks really different in that pic.

  • Chibiusa

    is that ke$ha?

  • laura

    this looks like it’s for some kind of show or is that just me?

  • http://zarriall-zombies.tumblr.com FuckHarry

    I wonder what they are filming?

    • Luciana

      I guess they are going to have another movie or something like that :) they filmed a lot here in Perú!

      • http://zarriall-zombies.tumblr.com FuckHarry

        Omg really I do hope so I loved this is us and since this is a huge tour it would be cool if they filmed it (:

        • Luciana

          Me too! They filmed in the hotel, at the concert and in Cuzco (Machu Picchu) so hopefully this means another movie :O can’t wait to see them in concert again soon :'(((


    Peru <3