Miley Bangerz European Tour Trailer ’14

Is anyone going to see Miley is Europe?! Miley’s releasing new single soon!

  • laura

    4th of May, bitches! <3

    • thecat61

      Have fun. Its a fucking blast!!! I’m seeing her again when returns to the US.

      • laura

        Thank you! Seriously, my mom bought the tickets without me and my sister knowing and on easter, we woke up and those tickets were laying on our breakfast plate haha I honestly can’t wait!
        Oh lucky you :o I’m so jealous now haha

        • thecat61

          HAPPY EASTER!!! Awsome.

          • laura

            Tell me about it! My sister and I screamed like true fangirls haha we are going to have a blast together :D

  • mountainmiracle

    I’m sorry but she does not sound good live…at least not singing her new songs.

    • Smokahontas

      At least she doesn’t do playblack…

  • disqus_TUDehE67R6

    June 10th!! Gonna be so much fun!

    • laura

      Where are you going? :)

  • thecat61

    I wanna see the hot pink mini skirt she bought on line while in the hospital!

  • karina

    I’m gonna see her on june 6th!!! So fucking excited!!!!♥.♥

  • thecat61

    Did anyone listen to the interview? Because Miley just tweeted ‘spoke to soon.’ I hope she didn’t have a relapse.

  • Effy

    1th June in finland!!!!!! <3<3<3 only month for it!!

  • Jes

    This kinda wants to make me go to her tour

  • enchantedx

    At mark 0:54 is she actually covered on the top part? seriously? woah, thats new.