• laura

    They aren’t too bad. I like their energy, must’ve been a fun concert.

  • anonny

    Not a fan of either of these groups, as i’ve never taken the chance to listen to their music because i’ve always thought they were this generations version of the Jonas Brothers (aka New “disney stars”). I hit play because i love the song, but man, talk about a great performance. I was definitely wrong in assuming it would be more disney crap haha

  • Allison

    i saw this when R5 posted it
    i have no clue who the vamps are but they are good

  • amy

    It wasn’t bad, but their voices are just no where near as good as Ryan Tedder’s. Also, they do some weird things vocally which keeps me from liking it.

  • Cali

    This was a good performance

  • Emmatome

    They sound good!