Justin Bieber Kendall Jenner Date Night

bieber-baldwinJustin Bieber went on a date with Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin at Nobu restaurant on Monday night in New York City. Do YOU think Justin is with Kendall to get back at Selena or are they all creating drama to promote themselves?

Source told Closer magazine: ‘Kendall and Kylie told Selena that her relationship with Justin is hurting her and them. They are worried that she is vulnerable and Justin is a bad influence, who turns her against them. It felt like an intervention and she stormed out of the house in tears.

She unfollwed the girls, then decided she was just going to unfollow everyone on instagram and cut herself off. Selena has chosen Justin over her girlfriends and she’s ignoring their pleas. Her friends are worried about her, but she says she’s simply supporting someone she loves who is going through a tough time.’

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    Oh god, Selena deserves better.

    • VC

      BUT LMAO I can’t with people kissing that girls ass like she is the best or some shit. Why does she deserve better lol? Just because she has a cute face and America’s Sweet heart image? She’s literally nothing special and average girl with very little talent and no personality. Why are you so sure she is nice to Bieber behind closed doors and everything is his fault? She could be the biggest bitch to him giving him mixed signals all the time and being jealous and messing with his head , maybe he’s the one who deserves better? But of not. Y’all all hate him and blame everything on him and are so quick to lick her ass and hate on him. Selena dissed him many times and started the drama herself but no one has said anything about it. Yet he hangs out with girls he knew way before all their drama with Selena and suddenly poor Selena she deserves better? Lol. They’re probably not even dating just hanging out for PR and drama both need. Get a reality check. Pretty face doesn’t mean a pretty heart.

      • Sue

        lol I like how you’re trying to make a point when I can say the exact same thing about her but in a brighter light to make a point. We don’t know her. I don’t agree with the OP. None of us know what the relationship is like between them.

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    Kendall can do so much better than Bieber.

    Selena can’t.


      Lmfao please tell me this is a joke, because Kendall only goes out with guys for fame, Selena already has it, shes the one that can do better.

      • Jes

        Yeah, Selena never did that.. Oh wait..

        • LAChris08

          No, I don’t think she ever needed to. Justine was a little youtube star that blew up. Selena was successful in television long before he ever hit a stage.

          • tro

            selena might been working on a tv show on Disney but only people with cable are the ones who could see her and she wasn’t even famous. she was miley shadow nobody knew who the hell selena was until miley put her on the map, and selena liked the attention and keep using her name for everything and then betray by dating nick. Justin might had stared later than her but he is more talented than her, he can pla instruments,sing, and dance and write all things selena can not do! Justin stared later he the one who help her get famous, he became huge and took down the Jonas and of course she got attached to him because she saw how her fame went up. Justin had better management than her, she was basically a nobody before Justin. she stred getting endorsement when she stared going Justin and hosting jobs, lately since his fame is dying down she moving to the next victim.
            I don’t even think selena ever loved him, she just like the attention she got from dating him, because someone who claim to love someone don’t throw them under the bus the minute you think you don’t need them.

          • barbiescunt

            Lol such bullshit bc how could her album do as well as it did, if Beiber fans hated her? You think he made her relevant?? I don’t think she’s super talented, but ain’t no way in hell Beiber is the reason she’s successful. If anything, he brought her nothing but negative publicity.

          • Nina

            It’s a fact Selena’s popularity and fame was boosted by Bieber. Stop denying it. Her album sales were always a joke though but her star status raised dating him and she did get more relevant with him. Doesn’t matter if his fans dislike her not only his fans know about him many other people do and payed more attention to her since their public relationship.

          • LAChris08

            Just something to keep in mind, Disney is often highly rated in Nielsen Ratings. Her show won an Emmy. Being on cable isn’t the barrier it used to be. Most families out there have cable, at least basic cable. Broadcast TV is mostly a thing of the past. And Justin didn’t take down Jonas. Big Time Rush, One Direction, The Wanted, they took down Jonas. And well, Jonas took down Jonas. But you have your own opinions, I have mine, and neither of us can actually back them with real facts. Outside of ratings and what not. Personally, Justin has zero talent, he is an idiot kid that is trying to act street, and just got lucky. everytime he has tried to act its been cardboard. Kim Kardasian could act better, and she sucks. Selena has won awards for acting, singing, and humanitarian acts. Justin gets drunk, high, drives drunk and stirs up controversy.

        • Cali


    • LAChris08

      Selena could do way better than Bieber if she wanted to. I have a feeling she and beibs are just friends, and she is working on her business and auditions and what not

      • Guest

        Idk if Selena could do as better as you think, she’s an average cute girl she’s no Beyonce or Salma Hayek. I don’t know many guys that find her so attractive, she looks way too young and try’s hard to be all sexy and stuff.

        • LAChris08

          As a man, I find her attractive. More attractive than many women I see everyday. I think there are more beautiful women, yes, hell, Francia Raisa drips pure sexiness. But Selena is good looking, rich, and loved by hundreds of millions. She could get just about any boy she wants.

  • uest

    I’m so tired of the Selena/Justin thing. They’re obviously not the best for each other and just clinging onto each other even just slightly (in regards to always going back to each other) is really toxic.

  • ….

    So because selena is spotted with Orlando bloom he goes out with kendall? This relationship is so high school, I wish it would end. Also on Instagram he posted a sexy pic of another girl & called her cute. If selena did that with a guy she would get so much hate & be called thirsty but his beliebers just applaud him

    • Nina

      Well he is a single guy I see nothing wrong with posting a pic of that model. She’s good looking and they have hung out years before.

    • Mariah

      Um I doubt him going out with them has anything to do with Selena and Orlando, they met up for some business and simply went for a dinner if you don’t know Jenners are in his circle of friends for a while now and they hung out before this drama with Selena ? Yeah I saw that picture, the girl is damn hot, I also applaud him. Selena’s not the only girl in the world he can post whatever he wants :)

  • javi g

    justin and kendall and hailey baldwin? i smell sex tape. i do hope that kris jenner sells it but with better quality than kim k sex tape.

    • Mags

      Who in the hell is Hailey Baldwin anyway?

      • threelittlebirds

        stephen baldwin’s daughter

        • Mirela

          I thought it was Alec Baldwin?

          • threelittlebirds

            nope. i googled it.

          • Jes

            Ireland Baldwin is Alec’s daughter

        • Craps

          So basically she’s nobody.

  • Duckyhoward15

    And you all thought the reason was kylie LOL

    • noriwest

      kylie and justin did indeed have sex with jaden

      • Duckyhoward15

        I doubt it

  • http://zarriall-zombies.tumblr.com FuckHarry

    Well then

  • kat

    I guess Kendall and Justin are shooting that Calvin Klein ad and went to eat after. I think Justin and Selena had another tiff, and the jenners probably sided with Justin. They were in Justins circle before they got close with Selena.

    • An a

      Only logical comment here

  • LAChris08

    Seriously folks, anytime i see Source told, or source said, my BS meter lights up. No one that close to these people would let slip close details like that. Gossip sites and mags make stuff up all the time to make sales, get hits, whatever.

    I doubt that Selena and Justine are than friends anymore, she is just too busy. I doubt Kendall would get in an intervention with Selena. It’s not her style. That’s more Demi or Taylor. I don’t think that Taylor and Selena aren’t friends. Both are very busy. And you do realize just cause a celeb stops following someone doesn’t mean they aren’t talking, right? We have these little things in our pockets called smartphones. Most people actually use them as PHONES. Phone, email, texting. They all do this, the convos they have are not usually done over twitter, or any other public channel.

    And tbh, her not following anyone on social media is likely the actions of her new management. Management usually handle social media for them, as they use social media as promotion channels.

    • Nina

      It’s really getting old and only dumb people still use “Justine” if you’re a dude man up and grow up :)

      • LAChris08

        You know, you are right. In this case it was autocorrect. But I do apologize. I could have corrected it myself. Freudian slip I guess.:)

  • Mirela

    Ugh. Not again (uses Angus’ voice from A.N.T Farm)! This whole thing is really annoying. They should have never gotten together back in 2009. It turned this annoying blob.

  • barbiescunt

    So much speculation about a situation no one knows shit about. This topic is so boring bc it’s all lies. Like an encore of a ridiculous Fanfaction. -__-

  • whindy

    liiieeeee kylie is with jaden. boom

  • idk

    Probably Calvin Klein paid all of them to create a story line for promote their shoot

  • Angie.

    Bieber’s hottest chick was Jasmine Villegas, idgaf what you say

    • ya

      She is hot! But I think she is kinda dumb because when Justin started dating Selena he would say how he could talk to her about everything and that it was a shame to go out with a hot girl you can’t have a decent conversation with

    • BangBang

      Wow, totally forgot about her! They were cute together.

  • Mariah

    I think Justin should date a girl his age, not too mature neither too immature and young.Maybe Selena simply has too big expectations from him and is too needy ? Idk ,I always shipped him and Ariana, I guess it won’t happen eh :(

  • BrokenArrow18

    This is gettin too ridiculous