Kevin & Joe Jonas Off The Record Special

joe-jonas-lance-basskevin-kiss-joe-1joe-lanceHot musicians Kevin and Joe Jonas, formerly of the Jonas Brothers will be answering questions and talking with their fans in an intimate, interactive theater experience called Off the Record with Kevin & Joe Jonas, reports ET.

Off the Record live shows will feature Q&A sessions, never-before-scene video footage, audience participation, and many other surprises that will give fans a rare up-close and personal look at the two Jonas brothers.

Joe: ‘We hope that people will be really involved and have a lot of fun, make this kind of something that we get to do a lot more of. We’re going to be talking about our old stories from when we toured together, show pictures, a lot of laughs, and get the fans involved. So I want everyone to come out and hangout.’

Tune in to Entertainment Tonight on CBS this evening for an exclusive interview with Kevin and Joe on the upcoming event run. Off The Record with Kevin & Joe Jonas kicks off June 5 in New Jersey. Tickets for the event go on sale May 2. Visit for tickets and info. Tickets HERE too.

Are YOU still a fan? Do you think they’ll through old friends under the bus?

Off The Record Tour Dates
5 Freehold, NJ iPlay America
7 Philadelphia, PA Keswick Theatre
8 Wilmington, DE The Grand

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  • hudgens.

    It’s only 3 stops, so I don’t see the point when everyone can’t go. But if that’s what they want to do, then cool. It’s just kinda not fair.

  • disqus_qfyOBdJfvT

    Im going! The second stop is 10 minutes from my house. I am so excited!

    • JoeJonasTroops

      HAVE FUN!!

  • yung illuminati

    They’re funny guys, I’m sure it’ll be fun. Probably going to use it to promote their new ventures though so I’m expecting posts coming from these events like “Joe Jonas announces new music!” And “Kevin Jonas talks family life!”

    I wonder why nick can’t schedule in time? And if they’ll censor what you can ask // what questions will be chosen in the Q&A — a lot of fans are still angry over the break up and what went down.

    • GentileJewel

      Angry? At whom? Nick did it!

    • hudgens.

      Nick wants to do his own thing and there’s nothing wrong with that.

      • yung illuminati

        I understand but it’s not like they’re asking him to go on tour again. I dunno, it just would’ve been nice to see them together again for old times sakes.

        • hudgens.

          I understand.

  • Anon

    Joe has to pay Blanda’s bills somehow….

  • Mari

    I can understand why it’s a mini tour tbh , less low ticket sells .. I would have went ,but their not coming anywhere near me lol sucks they left out dallas , I can understand NJ ,but delaware was kinda random ..but its fine ,I’m sure there will be more chances to see them ,I just hate how they go abt things , they once again had alot of ppl pumped up for something that ended up being 3 shows ….

    • JoeJonasTroops

      better than nothing

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    I like how they are trying to spin it as “intimate” – as if it’s only small venues on purpose.

    • anon

      not really saying they could sell huge stadiums but it’s just a talking tour.

  • Uio

    Wow I can whait for that


    if one more person blames the break up solely on Nick I’m going to scream, they all decided to break up, bands don’t last forever!

    • hudgens.

      People need to move on.

    • Tash

      Kevin even said that Nick was mainly doing the work & Kevin wasn’t contributing as much as he should have been. It’s hard when everyone has an opinion & complain but won’t come in & do things the way they want it & would rather leave you working your ass off, playing a guessing game & slowly losing your mind because you get called selfish & controlling yet no one is doing enough to get the project together, so you’re technically forced to take the reigns & just do whatever you feel is right or your best interpretation of what people want or what works, to meet a deadline, or you’ll get blamed for the project not coming together also. So it’s a lose, all the way around. From 2008, ‘Band in a bus’ days, you could see the dynamic. Kevin was on the phone with Dani, Joe was goofing off, while Nick wrote & played them new songs & they barely payed attention to him. Nick should have left after 2010, instead of sitting & waiting around for them(purely because they are his brothers), allowing people to attack him because he didn’t want to be an unemployed has-been before 21.

  • Rachel

    they seem desperate doing this imo .. 3 stops wow.. seems like joe and kevin cant let the band die ,imo I still stand by my theory that it wasnt a mutual decision to end it anyway …. either be a band or not ,,if you’re gonna kill it ,let it die

    • JoeJonasTroops

      you don’t remember joe and nick doing two interviews together at kissmas bash and jingle ball? stop defending nick as if he’s the better one

  • JoeJonasTroops

    i don’t believe it I’M SO EXCITED!! since it’s gonna be ‘personal’ meybe they’ll explain something like joe’s ‘my life as a jonas brother’ essay!

    • hudgens.

      Can you stop commenting more than once and type it all out in one paragraph? it’s annoying.

      • 3434

        she can commeting more then ones you are not boss here you are sick to think like that

        • hudgens.

          than* speak fucking english. It’s not hard.

      • BangBang

        Let her be excited!

        • hudgens.


          • BangBang

            Let her be excited as in don’t be bothered by her posting multiple comments. It’s not bad right

          • hudgens.

            I didn’t say she couldn’t be excited. The multiple comments is just annoying. Like write it all in one comment.

      • JoeJonasTroops

        i do it so that every jonas post can be most commented on…and it worked HA

  • JoeJonasTroops

    y’all gotta be excited, it’s not everyday they do interviews no more, this is one of the only happy anouncements wegot after the break up

  • JoeJonasTroops

    people should be excited, i only wish it was a longer tour than 3 days, but hopefully they’ll come out with some really great news and i literally can’t wait

  • JoeJonasTroops

    can people understand my excitement already? i hope it’s obvious

  • cam for tash

    Thank you for stating your thoughts on Nick’ life. My heart has been very sad knowing that his dreams/drive had to always be for his family. He is finally being able live his own life. YEAH!! For Kevin & Joe they need to move on with their lives. Quit trying to play off the past. So SAD!!! Go to college. Do something productive with your life. Nick is ,follow in his footsteps. Only as far as being productive. Kevin could play guitar in another band. Joe give up the entertainment industry. It’s not for you. Please Kevin/Joe do not do these tours. It’s like your 60yrs old & living in your past.

  • anon

    Joe looks good tho, despite this”tour” idea. Just seems a bit desperate and money hungry. Even though i would do it too! Quick cash ftw