Kylie Jenner Naked Pictures For Bieber?

kylie-jenner-black-bikini-breast-flaunt (2)Selena Gomez discovered sexy text messages and photos from Kylie Jenner Justin Bieber’s phone. Source told Radar Online: ‘Selena flipped out and there was a huge fight between the girls. She now wants nothing to do with Kylie or Kendall.

She was already getting bad vibes from Kyli, Selena thinks she parties way too hard. Selena was also furious at Justin. They’re not together right now. Selena has grown tired of Justin’s attention-grabbing antics. There could soon be a permanent breakup between the two.’

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  • Rocky

    Is anyone even following this bullshit story?

    • kkk

      is getting really good like we get new stories next day gossip sites are on their shit now

  • lol
    • Barbz21

      Lol she wants the d

  • madness

    I believe the Selena got jealous version. She also probably cut Justin off too because he is acting out posting and liking girls pics. If there are no trust it will never works, hopefully they done for good this time

  • FuckHarry

    *grabs popcorn* so much drama between these four people.

    • Mirela

      I finished mine last year when it all started

      • FuckHarry


  • Joshua

    What is there to see? She has no body.

    • Mirela

      At least it’s a body you would rather see than Kim’s, well for me.

    • guest

      No body? wtf does that even mean? everyone has a body you fuckin nerd

      • joshua

        Skin and bones… my arms are thicker than her legs.

        • nin

          i don’t think she is just skin and bones but she is just another skinny woman like many millions out there.

      • Megan

        Shut the fuck up you ugly whore you know what he means.

    • Megan

      She has great tits and a nice ass. That’s a damn good body

  • Mirela

    “Selena thinks she parties way too hard…” says the girl who parties and drinks too…

    • Anna

      Only the media says Selena parties and drinks and even if she does she is 21 and its legal. Kylie is underage and partying.

      • Guest

        But she’s an alcoholic tho sooo….

      • Mirela

        That doesn’t change anything. Selena has been in rehab with rumors swirling around that she struggles with drugs. Selena shouldn’t be talking about others when she needs to start thinking about herself instead.

  • Duckyhoward15

    Come on pick one kendall or kylie

    • so

      Justin probably wanted a foursome. I remember how he was fast to like the pics Selena posted with the girls.
      Oh wait! Probably there was a foursome! Then Selena woke up the next day sober in bed with the three of them and that was when she had her epiphany. Damn, I should candidate for one of these gossip sites job.

      • Duckyhoward15

        Hahaha you should

  • ikeepempressedt

    I wish people would stfu about all these mfs. Every last one of these attention seeking thirst buckets need to slip into irrelevancy. I mean…

  • Clauber

    PERMANENT?? L … M… F…. A… O

  • Eva

    I will take this moment to thank Taylor Swift and let her know how proud I am of her.

  • Emma Stone

    I don’t know how people could even follow this story anymore (or at all). I’ve heard Justin is on secret dates with Kendall and now Kylie is sending him nudes. Which sister is it.

  • …..

    Well I wouldn’t put it past Kylie to do this, it is what her family is most famous for…

    • tro

      wow everywhere selena goes she has problem with EVERYONE is she that desperate famewhore with a capital f. she gets attached to anyone famous and makes headlines by using the, kardashing family are famous for their business and their show and am not surprise why selena who been lazy got attached to them, since she has burned britches with everyone else who is famous, miley she ruined that relationship, taylor, Justin,nick, Jonas,taylor l, demi anyone who huge now cant stand her. told ya selena was a trouble maker she uses people and everyone thought it was miley,, miley is working at least miley does things on herself, selena uses and blame everyone else and she had trouble with everyone even her parents now. she has problems and clearly as well all told you miley is the nice one and she don’t lie about them or used them like selena is dwith everyone.

  • lol

    last time I checked this is complete bullshit… Kylie Jenner is in a relationship with Jaden Smith and they’ve been dating for a while.

  • BrokenArrow18