Miley Has Another Crying Breakdown!

miley-scared-cryingstay-strongmiley-breakdownMiley is crying again, what do YOU think is wrong with her?

UPDATED with a video of Miley’s backyard under!

  • Buster

    She’s not getting enough attention

    • thecat61

      Really! Well apparently the first 2 shows in Europe have been postponed.

  • anon

    Damn she is so annoying and attention seeking! She’s like those annoying friend said on fb who bitch and moan about everything and then get mad that people are “always” in their business. Ugh

    • So true

      Yes!! Omw that’s why I unfollowed her on Twitter last year, I have nothing against her but she’s just too much. How can she be so likable in interviews & so annoying on social media?

  • BangBang

    She needs to understand that the more she posts things like these, the more rumours will be made.

    • Godney

      maybe she wants to? its all promo for her tour

      • TrueSmiler

        Agree 100%.

      • BangBang

        You could be right yeah!

  • Truth

    Either she’s having an early midage crisis or she just wants attention

  • Guest

    what’s up with all these girls wanting all the attention? hmm..


    shes losing it, fast….

  • shanghai

    Ditch all the drama and trying to be controversial. You have broken away from Disney in a big way and dont have to prove that anymore. Just get out and show people that you are a talented performer and dont need the slutty and crazy antics to put on a great show.


      At this point I think Miley is way past getting out of the image shes in now, I think this is who she is now, sadly..

  • thecat61

    My guess, she’s sick again. The doc said 5-27 days.

  • BrokenArrow18

    she uses twitter to express herself you’re the one giving her attention why are you complaining about it? lol

  • cf

    She’s on too many uppers and downers. Drugs mess with your emotions.