Demi Lovato Cosmopolitan For Latinas

demi-cosmopolitan-latinademi-brazilDemi Lovato Cosmopolitan For Latinas cover girl: ‘I was used
 to drinking and doing drugs on my birthday. I always imagined my 21st being a huge party where I’d get shit-faced and go crazy. But I realized that there’s so much more to life than that.

Imagine walking 10 miles a day just to get water for your family? We have so much to be grateful for.. When I was younger, I needed someone in the spotlight to idolize, who stood for positivity and light and happiness, and wanted to change the world. And because I didn’t have that, I realized I want to do that, if only for my 12-year-old little sister.’

On monitoring bipolar disorder in check: ‘It’s a daily thing. I treat it with medication. Not everybody does that, but for me it works. That’s what works for me — medicating, checking in with people, being honest, and being grateful for things.’

On career’ :I’m very proud of how far I’ve come, but I definitely want to win a Grammy one day, and I dream of winning an Oscar. I want to continue to tour and build my fan base and make music that will last for decades.’

On when she feels the sexiest: ‘I feel sexiest when I’m comfortable, this means when I’m in my element onstage, and also when I’m wearing a T-shirt, jeans, my leather jacket and no makeup!’ DEMI also went 3x platinum in Brazil!

  • anon

    “and I dream of winning an Oscar”

    me too

  • laura

    Absolutely stunning!

  • GirlFromYourDreams

    OK I have a question. Now I want to prefance my question by saying this: I am 100% absolutely not racist. I’ve had friends, coworkers and relationships with all people. I believe people are people and they are all equal.

    My first question is: Why are their things (magazines, scholarships, clubs) that are for a specific race/culture? IE. Scholarships that you have to be African-American to qualify for, “Latina” magazine…

    My second question: How do people feel about them? Now I’m 100 percent caucation so I don’t know. Part of me feels that so many people fought for equal rights that to have say a scholarship that seperates people by race is a little backwards and old-fashioned. But I never been on the receiving side of a situation like that so perhaps I would feel different.

    One person can’t speek for a whole race/culture. No nasty comments please. I was just wondering.

    • laura

      These magazines are there because latinas or black women need different makeup tips, like to read different things that are more relevant to their lives, etc.
      The scholarships are needed because, from what I’ve read, people of colour get less opportunities, often don’t have as much money because people refuse to give them jobs because of their skincolour, they don’t get accepted in universities as easily as white people do.
      But then again, I am white too so I’m no expert on this either. Just saying what I’ve heard from American friends (we don’t have stuff like this in my country) who aren’t white.

      • BangBang

        Couldn’t have said it any better!

        • laura

          Glad I didn’t mess this up haha

          Last year, I heard from a friend who’s Asian that she didn’t get accepted just because she wasn’t white. They literally said that in the mail they sent her..
          That’s what I love so much about Belgium, everyone who has graduated from high school gets accepted in the university they want.

          • BangBang

            That’s so stupid! And people wonder why so many people who aren’t white are jobless!!

          • laura

            Definitely for me it’s so hard to understand since stuff like this doesn’t happen here, at all. I hope this isn’t offensive, but I kind of expected universities rejecting black people because there is the most racism towards them, but Asians? Because your stereotypical Asian is always the smart kid, you know?
            Sorry if this comes across as insensitive, it’s really not my intention.

          • BangBang

            No I get what you mean. I don’t understand their way of thinking, honestly I don’t want to understand it. I guess that they think that everyone who isn’t white will eventually fail so maybe that’s why they don’t want to give them a chance?

          • laura

            I don’t want to understand it either, it’s plain disgusting.
            But hey, plenty of white people can’t afford university either so you know, even they have to be lucky enough to get scholarships or have to work their butts off pay off those crazy ass student loans. So you know, they aren’t only racist, they are also elitist..
            I hope they do something about all this as soon as possible.

          • GirlFromYourDreams

            The US education system is really f up that way. Because I’m white, my parents went to college, wasn’t a straight A student, and haven’t gotten knocked up I qualify for 0 scholarships. All Universities care about is having the best demographics by having the most diverse student population. White kids are easy to fine. The only thing I have working for me is that I’m a woman but that’s not helping much BC my parents are still married and Im not a victim of abuse.

            Most schools expect my parents to pay $10-12 thousand a year but how are they suppose to do that? Their living paycheck to paycheck.

            And if I had a kid by now I could go to school for free (but that’s another subject I don’t want to start with)

            So when I see all these scholarships and grants I can’t get BC Im white I personally feel discriminated against. Race should have nothing to do with it.

          • laura

            I get what you are saying and I completely agree with the fact that the education system in America is probably one of the worst out there. But what you also need to understand is, that most people from different races wouldn’t even have the chance to go to universities because they don’t want black or hispanic people on their campus. That’s why they have these scholarships: to motivate them to do good at school and to motivate universities to except people who aren’t white. If there wasn’t such a thing as racism, these scholarships wouldn’t be needed. Hell, if the education system in America actually was decent, ‘normal’ scholarships wouldn’t even be needed. And I am sorry to hear that you can’t afford to go to uni, I really am, but blame the government and not the people who do get handed a scholarship because of their race.

      • GirlFromYourDreams

        I get the magazines now. That makes sense.

        • laura

          I wondered about that a long time as well tbh, never be ashamed to ask things like that :)

  • Emmatome

    “I definitely want to win a Grammy one day, and I dream of winning an Oscar. I want to continue to tour and build my fan base and make music that will last for decades.’”
    I guess everybody does…