Joe & Kevin Jonas Talk Life After Fame

No Nick :\ Joe told ET: ‘We hope that people will be really involved, have a lot of fun, kind of something that we get to do a lot more of. Hopefully I can do well speaking to an audience because you know, I’m so used to singing. It’ll be a little bit different.

Kevin: ‘This is more about telling our stories, where we came from, who we are, and where we’re headed.’ Joe: ‘We might have him send a video or Skype him in or something like that, but he’s been really busy with preparing for a TV show right now.

It’s a new show that’s going to be on DirecTV and he’s been getting jacked for it. He plays a fighter, so he’s been in the gym every single day, twice a day, eating more than you can imagine.’

On the record tickets info HERE!

UPDATE: Joe helped a high school girl win a presidential campaign!

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  • JoeJonasTroops

    ‘life after fame’ so does that mean no more fame? no more albums for ever? why do they say it asif they’re not famous anymore?

    • Azzz

      No joe jonas is goin to sing solo and kevin is gonna be in Married to jonas again

      • anon

        Married To Jonas was cancelled.

        • Azzzz

          Married to jonas is not cancel they are gona doing gain with their daughter Alena Kevin say that

          • threelittlebirds

            I don’t think they should. I think the baby should be kept out of the public eye for as long as possible.

      • hudgens.

        This Azzz person pretends to be 5 different people with multiple tabs open to this page.

        • Azzz

          Haha you don’t know what else to say you are the one who pretending to be 5 people here so shut up

          • hudgens.

            I’m not the one who likes their own comments and steals what other people say. You know it’s you pretending to be 5 other people when all 5 people talk the EXACT same. You’ve been exposed.

    • hudgens.

      It means no longer as relevant as they used to be.

    • roxanneXD

      yes the jonas now are irrelevant

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    Kevin needs to disassociate himself from those two scroungers!

    Go Kevin!!!

    • JoeJonasTroops

      are you a joas fan or not please answer me this!

  • shanghai

    Must be hard to be a has been when you are only in your twenties. They will never reach those levels again no matter what career choices they make. That sort of fame is once in a lifetime and wish they had kept going for another year or two. Still at least they all have enough money to do whatever they want now but still need something fulfilling you just cannot shop and holiday!!

    • Michelleg3323

      It’s called a comeback. Many people reinvent themselves and become relevant again. They could become popular again as a group or individually. Right now they are enjoying themselves and they can afford it.

      • hudgens.

        Hey Jonasburnbook_

  • anon

    is there a better quality clip?

  • cam

    Kevin Kevin this is to you. Run Run stay in New Jersey with your beautiful wife & daughter. Also your in laws. You are so blessed with that entire family. Joe & Nick will corrupt you. They really act like such nice guys when we know they’re the devil in disquise. If Jesus was standing next to either of them when they are being such hypocrites how would they act?? . And what would Jesus say?? I’m so tired of phoney Christians. I mean Nick writes a song about Rita. States she didn’t treat him right so we should get mad. Then she states she never dated him but might have slept with him. These are the type of people you want your daughter to associate with. Your brothers & you have to answer for your own actions, not Disney or the media.wise up!!!!

    • roxanneXD

      Joe & Nick will corrupt you


      kevin is nobody without nick and joe