Do YOU like how Selena’s voice sounds? ‘Still I wonder why it is.. I don’t argue like this, with anyone but you..’ + other Instagram photo: ‘Love my pastor and his family so much! Don’t know what I would do without them. @judahsmith Jesus Is tour!’

Bieber Instagram: ‘This is the beginning’.


  • cookie

    that was terrible

  • lol

    This text was awkward Oceanup. If I didn’t read the title I would think she was singing for her pastor



  • lol

    That was good

    • honesty

      In what world?


    claudia: selena is perfect amazing love her such beatiful voice so much better than that patetic cyrus attention whore slutty miley selena is perfect miley not

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    OMG the orginal song is amazing.its called ‘just like a star’ by corinne baily rae :)

  • anonymous

    Does anyone know what app she used for her instagram video? loll

  • …..

    You have to give her props for most improved! It wasn’t bad @ all

  • guest

    God that was horrible.I would say stick to acting but her acting is even worse then her singing.

    • Anna

      I think she’s a good actress if you give her the right role. Definitely would rather see her act or sing. If she really wants a serious career she needs to pick one or the other to focus on.

      • Anna

        *act than sing

  • megan

    that was horrible, it sounded so forced. her voice does not flow at all and its not soothing. thats y she uses autotune. she really just needs to stop singing!

  • johnny

    Its not impressive but definitely not “horrible” the original singers live voice isn’t too far from this.

  • poppy

    with the right songs yeah she would sound good.
    but I’ve listened to all of her album songs and they’re crap which is why people often think she can’t sing. But if she started singing like the song above yeah it might work.

  • Cali

    The fact that she’s called a singer goes to show what is wrong with the industry these days. She wouldn’t have auto tune to cover her butt 40 years ago.