Selena Lawyer For Confidential Deposition

Selena Gomez Shows Off Her Bikini Body In MiamiSelena Gomez’s deposition was canceled again because her lawyers don’t want her to look as stupid like Bieber did in his Miami deposition, reports Gossip Extra. She wants the plaintiff’s attorneys to sign a confidentiality agreement for the deposition about the case involving Bieber beating a paparazzi.

If the agreement were signed, the public may never know anything about the deposition or its transcripts. In Miami, lawyer Mark DiCowden has also been dealing with Gomez and her lawyers. He wants to talk to her about his case alleging that Bieber sicced his bodyguards on another photographer in June at the Hit Factory recording studio in North Miami.

DiCowden is preparing to subpoena Gomez: ‘I’ll get a court order against Selena if I have to. One of the hallmarks of our constitution is an open court system. I’m not interested in confidentiality. I want Selena’s testimony to be as public as Justin’s.’

  • anon

    Her lawers are trying the best for her, but doubt they will get a confidentiality agreement. The law guarantees that if the public requires see that, they have the right to see it. Although the public in this case is more like TMZ

  • ivan

    That ambulance chasing lawyer sure is making every effort to collect 7 million for himself and a client that did not have a scratch. His client should just get a new camera and free meals at Taco Bell for a year.

    • Guest1

      If I was the camera man I would totally take that deal. Taco Bell! Fuhk yeah!

      • ivan

        Sean Penn did worse to a pap and got a slap in the wrist in comparason to what this clown wants from Justin Bieber. This is way overblown as usual with anything having to do with Justin.

  • javi g

    now that justin and selena are not following each other or i don’t think they are even dating if i was justin i would be worried of why selena might say now. lol 7 million are on stake here. if she’s angry at him she’s going to say yes sir he kick that paparazzi’s butt like he was a mad man. there no fury like a woman’s scorned. lol

    • hmmm

      I don’t think she is angry. Selena makes it clear when she is angry with all her shading. I think she is over the drama now and trying moving on with her life.

      • Mirela

        I hope she is.

  • BangBang

    Don’t want to be mean or anything but I really want to see that video when it’s done.

    • Mirela

      Haha, same here!

  • getlikemiley

    i hope she doesn’t get it. just speak up and stop being a cry baby damn

    • thecat61

      Unfortunately, she’s unable to do that. Because she’s always had people telling her what to do and say. This could be real interesting.

      • getlikemiley

        I really want to like her, but she makes it so hard when she hides behind everyone. If she would stop and let people see the real her then she might have a shot Ughhh

        • thecat61

          The girl needs to grow some balls!!!

  • anon

    Idk, but if I was her I would want be over with that at once. Why prolong the stress?

  • laura

    It’d only be fair to be honest. Not that I am agreeing with shit like this being available for everyone to see (get your shit together, America!) but if Justin’s deposition was public, then so should hers.

  • That would be very smart on her part & I don’t think it’s unfair that hers might be sealed when Justin’s wasn’t. She’s just a witness to the case not the person being sued & they’re going to ask her personal questions about her private relationship with Justin & she can’t avoid them the way he did

  • Riley

    every celeb wants special treatment.. they all think theyre above the law. sorry this is how it works. it sucks because she is a public figure so the world can see it but thats how it works. i wonder how selena will approach this though, tough situation to be in.

    • Mirela

      Thank you! I salute you for this!

    • getlikemiley

      I really want her to go in and be a bad bitch bc i would fucking respect her so much more, but i guarantee she’ll act all innocent and have her lawyer say things for her.

  • Mirela

    I find it stupid that lawyers like these are requiring privacy in some cases for testify (subpoena in Selena’s case), because they are celebrities. REAL human beings go through the public humiliation and whatnot of having their stuff public, while celebrities get a slap on their hand. I hope it won’t be private, so celebrities can learn that they aren’t invicible! It gets on my nerves, and I am a proud citizen who has to go through open stuff like this.

  • HolyGround

    “Selena Gomez’s deposition was canceled again because her lawyers don’t want her to look as stupid as Bieber did in his Miami deposition” I laughed so hard omg