Selena ‘Taylor Swift Was Too Boring’

selena-taylor-star-sweater-faceoffTaylor Swift was too boring for Selena Gomez, reports Radar Online. Insider: ‘With her parents no longer in the picture as managers or chaperones, Selena started hanging out with Justin again.

Her parents are not fans of his at all. And neither is Taylor Swift. Even though Selena and Justin aren’t together right now, it’s still caused a rift between her and Taylor. Taylor hasn’t talked to Selena since she started hanging out with Justin and the Jenner girls.

On Selena’s side, she isn’t too happy with Taylor for befriending Lorde, especially after Lorde called Selena’s music out. Selena was also so damn bored with Taylor. She didn’t want to bake cookies or paint anymore. She was just so done with it all.’

Selena is pissed that Bieber is so close with Kylie & Kendall now.




    • Queen Amanda Bynes


    • Eva


    • noriwest

      Shes white though

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    The clock is ticking for Selena’s cocaine overdose.

    Let’s see who’s “exciting” then.

    • Common sense

      Don’t be such a bitch.

  • smb

    Well, at least she finally figured out that Taylor Swift is boring, and has been since she sold herself out in order to have a career. When she was a teen she was fun. I’ve seen the videos and pictures, most of which have been removed from the web, but if you look hard enough, you can still find them.

    • Anon

      Ya but Taylor went from hanging with Selena to hanging with models only. She’s like a female Leo dicaprio. So ya upgrade ftw!

      • Antara Chowdhury

        She recently hung out with Sarah Hyland and Gracie Gold. She has her childhood friends, and she’s still friends with Ed Sheeran and Lorde. She’s not “hanging with models only.” She just has a lot of friends and knows a lot of people.

    • HolyGround

      How did she sell herself out…You find her boring but her fans don’t

    • tyo

      selena cant talk about boring. The reason everyone loved miley interviews it was because she was spontaneous and she spoke about anything without been filter in what she can or cannot talk.. selena was always so boring it was like watching the same thing over and over her interviews are all the same, from the world she stole from nick and miley” am so blessed” to know copying that music is her life really since when? I thought acting was your life confusing girl. selena cant talk about boring she the most boring person ever she has no identity.

      • Mag

        I agree with the first sentence. Selena is so programmed during interviews it hurts. I like Watching Demi’s or Taylor’s interviews because they actually say something interesting or intelligent and I actually laugh sometimes. I’m not fully blaming Selena for this though, being in hollywood and being media trained is like being brainwashed.

  • Common sense

    That video is so funny “are u still dating justin ” haha.

  • getlikemiley

    at least she was honest in the video.

  • So

    Honestly as much as I dislike both I’d rather have a successful career and win awards like Taylor but be boring. Who cares? I got cash!! hahaha

    • Anna

      True….but since when was baking, painting, and shopping boring?! don’t have to party and be drunk and not remember things to have fun

      • Emma Stone

        Same. I hate when people think you have to party and drink to have fun. I hate partying and drinking, the thought of waking up the next morning and not being completely aware of what I did the night before scares me so bad.

        • Guest

          the thought of not beeing aware scares me much more.
          I like to know what I did.

          • Emma Stone

            Yesss, it really freaks me out.

        • aly

          Actually you can get drunk and still remember what you did, you know that, right? lol

          • laura

            You can get tipsy and remember what you did, but if you’re drunk, you won’t be remembering a lot.

          • Emma Stone

            But you can also be drunk and not remember what you did. Soooo……

      • Emmatome


    • WatchOut

      Money does not make you happy.
      I like to tell people what they did. It’s funny to tell them how stupid they are when they are drunk.

      • HolyGround

        Heyyy congratulations on your history-making game last night! I guess I was completely wrong about the comeback haha. As upset as I was last night with the flyers (still am and will be until the season starts again), it was awesome to see them win.

        • WatchOut

          Aw thanks.
          they showed so much heart I am so proud of them. I lot of people doubted us, so it’s ok :)
          I hoped the flyers would go on. Would have loved to see Raffl go on. Round 2 Flyers vs Pens would have been war.

          • HolyGround

            They really did, the sharks looked helpless. huge difference between the first three games. The Kings definitely earned it. I think
            Was hoping that we’d advance and Round 2 would be a repeat of when we played the pens two years ago when you guys took the cup haha. Would have been amazing. I think the Rangers vs Pens will still be interesting, problem is I hate both teams
            I think the Ducks will be tough, but I’m not counting anything out after this series :)

          • WatchOut

            the kings wanted it more and they went out to win and the sharks did not. I felt bad for their fans.
            The series two years ago was insane. they rangers and pens will be interesting to watch but I think the pens will go on but they will loose against the Bruins.
            The Ducks will the tough but if we go out and play like we did the last 4 games we will go all the way.
            I think we have a bit more depth than they have but everything is possible in the playoffs and we are a team that proofed it more than once.
            No one thought we would win the cup 2012 when we where in the 8th seat in the west.

          • HolyGround

            I felt terrible for the sharks fans. i would have been devastated if it ended that way.
            i also think that the pens will win this round but bruins will go to the cup. I’m sick of the bruins, but they are unstoppable right now.
            Ahh the 2012 playoffs were fun. Good for us until the second round. It was great to see you guys take out the devs after they destroyed us. That devils vs rangers round was one of the best I’ve ever seen though.
            Ducks game 6 was a crazy few last minutes. Felt bad for the dallas fans too. I think the most surprising for me was seeing minnesota beat colorado last night.

          • WatchOut

            I feel bad for the shark fans, the team showed no heart and desire to win. How can you loose a 3-0 lead? But the made history because they are only the 4th team to lose a lead like this.

            Zack Parise and his misfit gang (I love Parise btw) had luck but we all know it will end in round 2.

            Dallas had really bad luck and I felt so bad but they have a bright future. Seguin who has to carrie the team is to young, but give them 2 years and they will be cup contenders.

            the devils and rangers fought hard.

          • anna

            Ducks fan and I’ll be at the game Saturday…..and I’m a little scared haha but we will see.

            I kept thinking the sharks would come back. I mean…how do you lose a 3 game lead? They just needed one more! I think the kings are a good team and I love Quick, but….go ducks!

          • WatchOut

            A lot of people thought the sharks would come back but thank god they did not.
            the showed no passion for the game and I felt like the did not want to win as much as the kings wanted it.

            You are lucky to go to the game but we will beat you :)

      • laura

        I wouldn’t exactly be sad if I was making millions of dollars though..
        Omg same here! i love going to parties, staying sober and then seeing all the dumb shit my friends do. Nothing is more fun than that ;)

        • WatchOut

          I would take them to, but I don’t think it makes you happy.
          I would prefer to get as much money and be behind the scene and be able to live a normal life without paps.
          Beeing sober and making fun of drunk people beats nothing. People are so dump when the drunk, it’s unbelievable.
          I think there is nothing more unattractive than a drunk woman.

          • laura

            I would give most of it to charity to be honest, that’d make me pretty happy :) but I get what you’re saying.
            Haha omfg tell me about it, sometimes I really hate the fact that I don’t have a smartphone and can’t film it.. I’d get famous on youtube, I’m not even kidding.
            No, there’s nothing more unattractive than a drunk man: they always get the idea that they can handle the world and that they can harass you. Like ugh, it’s freaking annoying..

          • WatchOut

            Let’s agree on drunk people, they think they are superman and can take on everything and everyone.
            I would too. I sometimes film them and show them the video the next day. Seeing their reaction is priceless.

            I like the charity thought a lot. I never think of things like this because I am pretty sure it won’t happen :/

          • laura

            It’s quite adorable sometimes tbh most of them forget all their problems and just feel like nothing is holding them back but most of the times it is annoying haha omg for real? I’d piss myself if I could do that lol they must be so ashamed!
            It never hurts to dream :)

          • WatchOut

            right, it does not hurt to dream and dreams come true.

            they are and then they say I won’t drink again till the next weekend.
            some people get really emotional and they start crying and feeling sorry for themself and they are really hart to deal with and the annoy me the most.

  • Allyena

    Why people believe that shit? Taylor was definitely the one who did the dump

  • HolyGround

    Can taylor just release her new music now so she can start slaying again

  • Pamela Lansbury

    I’m waiting for Taylor “I’m sorry if I’m boring, but my single sold better than your entire discography” song (y)

    • Cali


  • Cali

    lol As if selena’s is interesting