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zac-efron-hollywood-reporterZac Efron featured in The Hollywood Reporter: On homeless man fight in skid row: ‘We were having trouble finding somewhere, a lot of places were closed, and the car ran out of gas off the 110. It was ridiculous. We had to pull over, and I called Uber.

A homeless guy, or vagrant, tapped on the driver’s-side window. Before I knew it, he [the friend] was out of the car, and they started fighting. I saw that [the homeless man] was carrying some sort of a knife, or shank, and I got out of the car to disarm him. At some point, he dropped the knife, and I got hit pretty hard in the face, and almost instantly the police were there to break up the fight.’

On rehab: ‘I was drinking a lot, way too much. It’s never one specific thing. I mean, you’re in your 20s, single, going through life in Hollywood, you know? Everything is thrown at you. I wouldn’t take anything back; I needed to learn everything I did. But it was an interesting journey, to say the least.’

On shooting ‘Neighbors’: ‘The best part of the shoot by far was hanging out with Seth and the guys. The hardest part? Every single day was more or less a party. You went into this kind of dream state: You show up, it’s dark, and there’s a raging party. Drive home, and the sun’s up, go to sleep and then get back to set. Glow lights, girls in bikinis, electronic dance music blasting in between takes, people jumping around. It was pretty cool, but it was a lot. It was a lot. It sort of became real.’

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    He’s still hot and everything but picture is too photoshopped.

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    he’s hot

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    He’s good looking but is lacking in the acting department…

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    Those eyes!

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    Dear lord, those eyes. *fans self*

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    Meh, I’m kinda over Zac Efron. Like, he’s still good looking and everything, but he just annoys me for some reason.

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    King of Young Hollywood tbh