• Guest

    I am not too sure whether it was a laugh or having fun, she seemed into the music and then giggled when Ari tried to dance… All the young girls are trying to be Rihanna now, it must be really amusing for her… And Ariana looks like she is 10 years old so there is that as well… Good voice though, lol.

    • honesty

      Pretty sure she was just surprised at her dancing because she didn’t expect it so it made her laugh. If anything, Rihanna thought it was cute.

      • A

        I thought the same thing, we have all seen Rihanna shade face and this is not it. Arianna looks like a child trying to dance, and baby face she makes while doing it . (no offence) Rihanna was either surprised/ thought it was adobable. Arianna does look like a child trying to dance in this performance.
        People need to stop trying to pin Rihanna as the evil witch

        • honesty

          I agree with everything you said. Amen!

    • http://radiants0ul.tumblr.com/ getlikemiley

      “All the young girls are trying to be Rihanna” LMAO NO

  • Some Dude

    Literally she’s just bitter because every artist that has ever covered her sounds better than her. Especially Ariana.


    • http://oceanup.com OCEANUP

      hopefully no nudes leak!

  • Troll

    OMG! Did anyone see Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton expression at 2:15 of the video? PRICELESS!!!!

    • Eva

      I did !! lol.

    • Some Dude

      best part

  • http://oceanup.com OCEANUP

    rihanna is a SLUT

  • Kelli

    my initial reaction is that she thought it was cute.. cause Ariana normally doesn’t preform dace moves like that

  • http://www.twitter.com/ hudgens.

    I would laugh too because her dancing was terrible.

    • Godney


  • Jordan

    Ugh I’m kinda disappointed, I like the song but I just pray she’s not a sell out.. like I want her to show case that beautiful voice that literally no one has thats big in music at that age. Tattooed heart shocked people in a good way with her amazing voice… I think this shocked in a bad way (not a bad performance just people aren’t used to this from her cause she hasn’t preformed at awards much).. I just hope she stays classy and show cases that voice moreeeee<3

    • WatchOut

      nothing about it was shocking.

  • Jack

    I felt dirty and awkward watching it because she looks like a 12 year old and that makes me feel bad that I watched this.

  • Random girl

    Why is it embarassing to watch her dancing?

  • lol

    Rihanna laughed because she along with everyone older than 15 knows ariana is a straight up wannabe mariah carey, literally her outfit and shoes are from mariah’s black n white all i want for christmas music video and her hair is straight up mariah carey’s honey music video. She is like a little girl at a child beauty pageant “trying” to sing a mariah carey song and “trying” to dance. Its really funny to watch such a child think shes all that.

  • anon

    I feel like Arianas music / style is about 10 years too late. She reminds me of the Mariah Carey/JoJo era and she would have been a hit in the early-mid 2000s, but not so much now since what’s popular is so different.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Hehehehe. It’s obvious she wants to be some what like Mariah. Is that a bad thing?
    I’m not sure.

  • Cassie

    Ariana is ugly she sleeps with her make up on. She cheats on every boyfriend she’s ever had. She’s so up her own ass it’s unreal.. She’s so nice to Justin because she wants to date him she gets around.. I wouldn’t touch her she probably has crabs and aids.. All her videos on Instagram are pointless she has no life she hangs around with gays she has no true friends.. And Rihanna is laughing because Ariana is pathetic lol just look at her trying to be something she’s not..

    • Jay

      Arianas going back out with jai brooks now so I doubt she would try it with Justin now

    • WatchOut

      what’s wrong with hanging out with gays?
      the answer is nothing!!!

    • Anon

      Tell us how you really feel lol

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  • MsFleri

    Who cares??? It’s clear that Ariana is the better singer, Rihanna can do all the bitchy things she wants, that fact won’t change.

    • Rach

      Just because Ariana can sing a higher note doesn’t make her better than anyone else she tries to copy Mariah Carey and her style of singing.. Rihanna is a great song so don’t bash her just because you like Ariana better.. Rihanna will always be the queen and nobody’s taken her crown away Ariana can try but she will fail.. Ariana looks like a 10 year old..

      • Rogers

        Did you mean singer not song? Lol I love Rihanna I don’t give a fuck about Ariana.. Ariana is just a stupid wannabe look at her outfit looks like something from austinpowers what’s up with that hair? Is she trying to go back to the 80s? THIS ISNT THE YEAR OF THE DISCO ARIANA CALM DOWN! Sort yourself out!

      • MsFleri

        I am not trying to ”bash” anyone, laughing like that when a follow artist is performing, when you know the cameras are on you, is plain bitchy. I do like Ariana better, that’s true, but i do know that Rihanna has better songs. On the other hand, who is the better singer is quite clear when you watch their live performances. Then you started talking about crowns and you lost me.

      • http://radiants0ul.tumblr.com/ getlikemiley


      • blahblahblah

        Rihanna is NOT the queen of anything. She’s not a bad singer at all, but she certainly isn’t anywhere near talented enough to be called “the queen”.

    • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

      Nobody cares about singing ability in 2014.

  • Mathew

    Ariana is a fucking coke head I hope she dies

    • http://www.twitter.com/ hudgens.

      I hope you get mental help.

  • Caitlyn D

    this is just so funny how everyone seems to think shes a joke

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    EVERY celebrity they cut to was embarrassed by Ariana’s poor attempt at a performance.

    • Eva

      lol! Luke Bryan looks like he just got constipated watching her!! And Blake is like what the fuck?

  • honesty
    • laura

      Who even is that?
      Ariana looks cute though with that tiny backpack, it’s like she wants to make herself look like a giant haha

      • honesty

        Jai Brooks. The ex that accused her of cheating on him with Nathan lol. I love them together though so I’m happy they made up.

        • laura

          Wait, so he’s being a little bitch at first because they broke up and now everything’s alright again and they’re dating? Ugh boys… They look cute together though :)

          • honesty

            I know! I wish we all knew what really happened. I doubt that he would just randomly accuse her of cheating though and she never denied the allegations she always danced around them, but who knows?

          • laura

            Honestly, I wish they just would’ve kept it all private and broke up in silence so there wasn’t any drama. I looked up their history and oh my god, it’s ridiculous haha

          • honesty

            Exactly! Now I see why some celebrities are so scared to even confirm a relationship!

          • laura

            Totally. I think it’s quite normal why they confirm their relationship after dating a few months because can you imagine confirming it and then breaking up two weeks later?

          • honesty

            I know!! It’s got to be embarrassing.

        • http://radiants0ul.tumblr.com/ getlikemiley

          I love them together, buts till kinda pissed how she went about their break up. Kinda shady tbh.

          • honesty

            I agree completely. But I cant deny that they’re so cute haha.

      • Samantha Watts

        Jai Brooks, used to be her ex but broke up when Ariana cheated on him with Mac Miller and Nathan Sykes.

    • http://radiants0ul.tumblr.com/ getlikemiley


  • Anon

    I feel like she’s kind of taking the Selena route with this. I mean, at first Selena was all about just singing and then all of a sudden she wanted to sing and dance at the same time.

    I feel like Ariana is trying to do the same thing, but it doesn’t work for either of them. Not all performers have to perform or even entertain in the same way. Some people just straight up sing, some can sing and dance. I think both of them should just stick to singing.

    (Actually, in Selena’s case, neither singing nor acting is her attribute)

    • Cc

      Ariana is a slut she goes around texting boys saying she wants there cocks all the time don’t believe me ask people in the music industry they’ll tell you.. She acts all innocent always covering her face with her hands to look cute she isn’t cute at all she’s a fake bitch who acts like something she’s not

      • http://radiants0ul.tumblr.com/ getlikemiley


        • Jenny

          …Why so hyped?

      • dont act like ur a celeb

        “ask people in the music industry”

        you’re so dumb it actually gave me a headache. the fuck are we supposed to find them?

    • johnny

      Selena’s performances got 10x better when she added dancing and lip syncing. Arianna doesn’t need to dance its actually quite awkward. She can sing, her performances and songs should represent her vocal ability more than her personality.

  • Hollyhysteria

    She is so great at singing live, I hope she always stays that way and doesn’t turn to a recording while she dances

  • WatchOut

    She has an amazing voice but no personality. She can’t dance or this aren’t the right moves for her.
    She has to figure out how she can be unique. Having an amazing voice does not get you anywhere as we see with all this casting show winners. they all have voices that are way better than Rihannas, Katys. Mileys usw. but nobody makes it, because they are boring and not original and so is Ariana.

  • stasha

    So performing is her only weakness. She’ll work on it. The end when she was skipping around was the best part. She just needs to keep the energy up and be less unassuming on stage – more fierce. At least her dancing has improved! And I don’t think Rihana was laughing at her rudely. It seemed more like aawww she’s so cute laugh.

  • efiwj

    i find this girl too awkward and annoying. i just can’t. the song is good tho. she looks like she’s 10 but at the same time wants to be sexy. she can’t dace and luke and blake reactions was priceless lmao

  • asdfghjkl

    I feel like Ariana is trying to be sexy while maintaining a cute and innocent looking face. It just feels awkward.

  • Carine Compiani

    Ok, so, she’s back with the pony tail. She only wears those white boots now like she doesn’t own any other pair of shoes, and her dancing sucks…

    • Kay

      He looks ridiculous lol

      • Tommy


        • Guest


    • Caitlyn D

      hahaha your right about the boots. shes got them on everywhere it seems

      • Carine Compiani

        QUESION: so if she was live singing home come we can’t hear when she clearly hit the microphone on her leg?

  • beepbeep

    I’m sorry, but Ariana’s voice is obnoxious and irritating. How anyone can sit through more than 30 seconds of her voice/’music’ – is beyond me.

    Plus there is no real power behind her voice, she’s good at fake singing. it’s all sort of this illusion/facade that she’s ‘talented’.

    I’m sick of the “music” CORPORATION churning out younger & younger pawns/robots to do their evil work; by spreading meaningless trash music that is void of any substance, quality, poetry, instrumentality, and legit musicianship. They are manufacturing these kids like candy in a factory, it’s sick honestly! These kids are canned, labeled, packaged, and forced down the public’s throat. It’s clearly a pedophilic agenda as well as serving capitalist interests – to pollute people through music.

    I hope rihanna was laughing at ariana, cuz that performance was lame af. We shouldn’t accept this shit as music, its a shame at how horrible it’s getting.

  • Cali

    I know rihanna is not laughing with the outfit she has on.

  • Godney

    Finally OU uses “shade” right!!

  • dash

    baby prostitute

    • Caitlyn D


  • dash

    Lets all just admit the truth. Ariana is a great singer and can sing her ass off, better than rihanna, better than katy perry, better than a lot of the hot “it” girls in the music industry right now. I mean she was practically running around on stage at the end still singing and it sounded amazing, but dancing isn’t her thing. I think her production and management wanted to add in some type of choreography for her performances because before she’d just be standing there like a wet noodle singing (greatly if I may add) but it was boring so they had to do something to spice it up but this just didn’t work.

  • Letty Mendoza

    It made Rihanna laugh because Ariana looks like a little girl. She has this innocent look to her face, which is not really a bad thing, but to see her trying to dance like that was a little funny. I think the best part was Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan’s reaction to her…it had me busting up.

    • Caitlyn D

      well said !

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