Selena Gomez #56 Hottest Woman

selena-hottestselena-constantInstagram caption: ‘constant’. FHM’s Hottest Women In The World. Miley #79, Vanessa Hudgens #78, Ariana Grande #77. Do YOU agree with FHM ranking of Hottest Women In The World?

  • Emmatome

    I definitely do not agree with the list. So I guess everyone has a different definition of “sexiness”. I don’t know, to me, it’s not about looking a certain way, or even wearing high heels and short skirts, it’s just something that shows. Maybe about confidence, or the way someone smiles. I don’t really know how to explain it. But, for instance, I don’t feel like Kendall Jenner, who’s on the list, is that sexy. She’s very pretty but she just seems so bored and unhappy all the time. But, hey, that’s just my opinion. All the girls/women on the list are beautiful in their own way. I just wouldn’t have put it that way in the list.

    • threelittlebirds

      couldn’t have said it any better.

  • what

    I don’t think that Ariana Grande is sexy at all. She resembles a ten year old child.. What’s sad is she actually looks older in this photo shoot which was like three years ago than she does right now.

    • Eva

      But she had boobs here?! What happened?

  • laura

    Why should we even care about this? These are just your random ass men voting for who they think is ‘hot’, it’s not exactly something to be proud of. It’s just superficial and basically what they are doing is objectifying women. I’d rather have lists about the most interesting women, women who have done something to make this world a better place or women who are beautiful, inside and out. Seriously, even People’s most beautiful woman is better than this.

    • Eva

      Totally agree, unfortunately celebrities love this- almost thrive on it… which is why some of them love to tell their fans to vote for them, case in point Miley on some other frivolous list last year. So it is an issue of demand and supply. Lets stop demanding it, then they will see no point of supplying us with useless information.

  • guest

    If I were a guy or lesbo I would take Ariana or Miley over Selena.I’d take Selena over over Hudgens

    • aff

      how could you know how your mind would work if you was? dumbass

  • guest

    Where in the hell is Victoria Justice and Minka Kelly on this list :/

  • yaya

    sarah is hotter

  • anon

    my bby vanessa hudgens is flawless

  • anna

    old men love selena tho

    source: i have uncles that are 50+ that make inappropriate comments about her