Ariana Grande Ecstasy Hilary Duff Meet

tumblr_n4xlxhrgDs1rrori1o1_250Ariana Grande is in ecstasy meeting her idol Hilary Duff @ iHeartRadio.


  • hahahahahah

    Hahahahah oh my GOD!!! that is THE FAKEST(is that a word) SURPRISED/OVERWHELMED FACE EVER!! omg

    • uset

      She’s getting pointers from Taylor.

      • hahaha

        at least taylor’s face is somewhat REAL. This is sooo bad she looks like ‘omg im so surprised ha not bitch im better than everyone’ meanwhile taylor looks ‘OH MY FREAKIN GOD A GOAT JUST DIED IN FRONT OF ME’

  • Jared

    I mean… She has one of the best voices for her age group in pop stars, if not THE best voice… and it seems like she has the worst attitude problem. She always looks like she’s over and above everything around her. She should be ECSTATIC to meet Hilary Duff. Say what you will about Hilary’s talent, but no one can argue that she set the bar for Disney/Nick girls to have a tv show and then transition to music. Literally, she was the first in this generation of millennial to do so. Hilary Duff is the reason sitcom girls can seamlessly transition and is a pioneer for the singer/actress tween movement. She should show a little respect. There’s a difference between sassy and bitchy. And she is constantly bitchy with the biggest bitch face. Ariana, you are adorable, talented, and you could be the next Mariah. Get yourself together, because you are going to ruin your career before you start it.

    • boystan

      yaaaas give gaga that promo

    • honesty

      …but she referenced Hilary several times in her speech. She really was surprised, but I get what you’re saying it’s just that sometimes she comes across as not genuine. Well, a lot of times, but I don’t think she means any harm.

  • boystan

    she’s so cute

  • Gaynor

    Arianas always been so fake.. Wasn’t Hilary Duff Mileys idol first now Arianas? Since when? I don’t get Ariana she just looks like an attention whore everything she does is just for dramatic effect.. She tries to come off so innocent and sweet and she’s not she really doesn’t give a fuck about anyone but herself..

    • honesty

      She didn’t say she was her idol.

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      her idols are whitney, mariah, xtina and mostly other r&b vocalist. People miley never mention(besides xtina)

      I’m sure she was a fan of hilary though.

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    Ariana is copying Taylor’s Surprise Face™. Nothing original here!

    • HolyGround

      Omg the copy right sign

  • Eva

    What the hell was that? Honestly.

  • laura

    To me she just looks like she is in shock because she is meeting Hilary Duff. Wtf are you all talking about..

    • iWizard

      Thank you. Acting like they’re some kind of behavioural analyst…

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    She appears shocked to me.

  • bye

    She is so fucking fake I can’t even…
    All she wants is to seem socked so people talk about how cute she is and stuff. Just look at her, first Jim Carrey now this…

    • Emma Stone


  • hayy

    I think she’s kind of insecure. There are so many cameras around and she just doesn’t wanna look ugly in front of them. I just feel like she tries to look perfect all the time.

    • Emma Stone

      yes, because being in shock while meeting a celebrity from your childhood is the first sign of being insecure.
      She should probably do a group session about insecurity so that she can learn to pull the perfect expressionless face for the next time she meets someone she idolised as a child.

      • Hayy


  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    lmfao. seriously y’all need to calm down.
    She doesn’t even see a camera and genuinely looks surprised.
    I don’t get how her face should look tbh.
    she isnt shading ANYONE making a surprised face.

    this overanalyzing has no chill.

  • Emma Stone

    Can the girl not be in shock meeting somebody she grew up watching. My god, you all need to chill. What do you want her to do, have a straight face and be unimpressed so that you can all then bash her for not looking happy.
    I do not understand the internet anymore.

    • Eva

      I think the issue was her ‘shocked face’ looks completely made up.

  • BritneyS

    Hilary the best!