Bieber You Want Me Big Boy Mansion

justin-bieber-you-want-me (32)

  • boystan

    he looks hot with his pants up

  • boystan


  • Cali

    He looks good here proves that most of the clothes he’s been wearing recently aren’t doing him any favors.

  • boystan

    i’d let him murder my bussy tbh

    • Sandy McFarlane


  • underneonlights

    Hi, would you follow me? I’ll love you forever <3

  • boystan

    fist me tbh

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Whoa is that him with his pants actually fitting? Beautiful sight.
    He looks good.

    • Tash

      Don’t forget the shoes! Biebs is almost human. Now he needs a fitted shirt & he’s sorted.

  • Tash


  • x
  • Mariah

    Well daaaaamn boy. Please dress like this and I’ll Stan you again smh :) he looks amazing here. And he gained some weight finally looking healthy

  • Guest

    He’s so nice to his fans…these videos give me hope he can turn his life and come back to the good Justin.