Nick Jonas Hot Fling Rita Ora Busts Out

Rita Ora Steps Out In New YorkBritish singer Rita Ora draws a crowd of fans and photographers as she steps out in New York City, New York on May 2, 2014. Rita was hard to miss in a floral print jumper as she left her hotel. Photos: FameFlynet.

  • ?

    Why is she suddenly everywhere?

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    She needs to stay in Britain and never leave.

    Nobody wants her elsewhere.

  • boystan

    what fans?

  • boystan

    i don’t care for this rihanna wannabe

  • laura

    Does she actually have any songs released except for RIP?

    • -.-

      party and bullshit
      i love that song its good
      or maybe its bc im a wasted hoe but yeah ^-^

  • Bitch

    The ape is out and about! HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • cam

    Yesterday she said she never dated Nick. Later in the day she states that she possibly slept with him. Both of them are lacking in morals. We don’t need immoral people for our young people to look up to. They should not follow them. BAD DISAPPOINTING IMMORAL Please go away!!!!

  • cam

    Those of you who were either at their concerts last summer or watched the videos, put your memory cap on. When Nick would announce the new song ‘what do I mean to you,’ he would say it’s time to get mad because this person RITA named in song didn’t treat him right. But he didn’t treat her right either. Probably wishes he didn’t write that song now. Diffenitly makes him look just as BAD as her.