‘The Wanted Treat Their Fans Like Trash’

The Wanted Fan: ‘The whole thing happened on May 1 in LOS ANGELES. I payed for their meet & greet. I said hi to SIVA and put my hand on his shoulder he RIGHT AWAY PUSHED ME BACK and started to yelling at me NO HUG NO HUG NO HUG (you can hear it clearly in the audio).

I would not hug him anyway but I don’t think it’s the right way to treat a fan, pushing and yelling at me.. I said sorry and I was so afraid, that when I went to talk to Jay I step back and said hi, and he was THE ONLY ONE to open his arms to huge me, I said no but he insisted and hugged me, without I asked.

I think he is the only one in the band that still has some dignity. After that you can hear their tour manager being rude saying that I should look to the camera to take the picture and when this happened I had not spoken with Nathan, Max and Tom.. I tried to say that to him but he was rude (you can hear it cleary on the audio too)

So after the picture I was kicked out by the security Nathan, Max and Tom don’t even look to my face and of course they didn’t said HI. And as you can see the whole thing lasted 25 SECONDS. YES THE WHOLE MEET AND GREET LASTED 25 SECONDS! And I payed 60 bucks for it.

Maybe Tom and Max were rude because they were to tired, since they were partying the whole day by the pool in their hotel with some chicks. As you can see in this pictures below.

They don’t have time for fans but they do have time for some partying and girls. Just want say that SIVA said that he is the next Justin Timberlake. LOL Acting like that with fans? Seriously, he will NEVER will be.’ Truly despicable :\

  • http://zarriall-zombies.tumblr.com FuckHarry

    Maybe if they treated their fans well they would actually have some. This is so rude fans pay money to atleast say hi and get a hug It doesn’t take much to deliver that.

    • Nina

      Please you like 1D, who are you to talk? At least The Wanted didn’t flip their fans off and refused to take photos with them on a day off cause they’re “not in work” like Louis did.

      • Duckyhoward15

        Atleast when they get payed for it they act nicely unlike your heroes lol

        • Nina

          Yeah when they get paid for it, any other time they barely stop for fans. You heard one story and you think you know how they treat their fans. I was at The Wanted M&G on Monday and they were all really nice to me, except their bodyguard was rushing us. Call me back when One Direction take fans on stage, invite them to their house for barbecue or go bowling with them :)

          • Anna

            Yeah their amount of fans allows them to do things like this. You call me back when the wanted have so many fans that they don’t have the luxury of hanging out with them without being swarmed by 1000 others. 1D does a lot for their fans and most of the band are extremely nice to their fans. I haven’t heard of that happening with louis either so pretty sure you made that up. Louis is not the nicest person, but most of the time he tries. Obviously the wanted doesn’t fight through their security to be nice to fans and 1D too. Jealous TW fans are getting obnoxious, people like 1D better get the hell over it.

          • Duckyhoward15

            Oh baby girl trust me 1d did more for their fans than your fav band will ever do , harry paid for fans to go to their concert after he saw them crying :)

          • Nina

            The Wanted gave free concert tickets to fans, Tom paid for a hotel room for a fan when she missed her bus and Siva brought fans hot chocolate when they were wating in freezing cold. We can go all night, love :)

          • Duckyhoward15

            The same siva that treated the poor girl like shit , I doubt they did these things or else they won’t be so rude , try harder baby girl

      • Lalala

        I see paparazzi videos all the time of Harry and Niall stopping for fans?? Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpoRAeEyb0Q

        But lets be honest, Louis is kinda a dick (and that’s coming from a 1D fan)

      • http://zarriall-zombies.tumblr.com FuckHarry

        Did I ever say 1D is perfect cause they oviously are not, but during m&g I’ve heard nothing but nice things about them they all hug and chat with fans but outside of meet and greats we do get Liam complaining about fans stalking him outside his house and Louis flipping them off. Harry & Niall always stop to great fans even Liam Louis and zayn. All I’m saying that when fans are paying money to meet you you should atleast make it worth their money and not give them a shitty experience. So please take a seat and don’t twist my words.

    • Duckyhoward15

      This is why they are the unwanted ;)

  • laura

    Why do people even go to their concerts? Their music is shit…

    • Nobody

      amen. Thank you!

      • laura

        You’re welcome :)
        There are just better bands out there who are worth the money.

    • Lalala

      Love the icon laura <3

      • laura

        Thank you, sweetheart! I love it too haha <3

    • threelittlebirds

      i only have ever liked their one song, glad you came, which is pretty much a one hit wonder

      • laura

        I seriously don’t know any of their songs because I don’t think they are known here in Belgium? But I’ll check that one out haha

        • kelsey

          I think their best song is Demons from their new album: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-KHrpcWjew or their debut single All Time Low.

          Overall they have really good songs, but their single choices were poor.

          • laura

            It’s just not my thing tbh. But you know, that’s just personal preference :)

  • trtjij

    i thought they split up a long time ago. why people are still paying to see these fads

  • asdfghj

    Siva is not rude. He’s a very playful person. The guys of The Wanted are all very sweet to their fans and always make time for them. I don’t know how rushed they were at the M&G.
    Oh and their concert last night was amazing. They may not be everyone’s cup of tea but they mean the world to a lot of people.

    • iWizard

      She payed for special privileges. It sounds rude to me.

      • asdfghj

        Meet and greets are always rushed and you hardly ever get the time you want with the artists. I have never seen someone complain like this when it comes to meeting The Wanted. If their security were being rude, then it’s on them, not the guys because they always take the time to meet fans.

        • Anna

          I have heard enough bad things about them to them so I have no problem believing this. People can act nice on camera and be assholes in real life. The wanted don’t even act nice on camera so……

        • laura

          At meet and greets, there’s plenty of time to give a hug and say a ‘hi, love! how are you? Enjoy the concert!’ and to take a funny or cute picture. That literally takes less than a minute (probably 30 sec) and you’ve made that person’s day by doing it. And to be quite frank, the wanted aren’t extremely popular so I can’t imagine there being so many fans that it becomes impossible to do so.

          • Carly

            They’ve only got an hour to meet 100 fans (their support band has a M&G after them lol), honestly that’s not a lot of time. I know I’m a fan and I can be biased, but it’s the first time I hear someone complain about meeting them or them being rude. A lot of my friends had M&G tickets for The Wanted and they said it was rushed, but the boys were really nice to them. You just had to be quick or else their bodyguard would get angry. But I’ve never met them at M&G (only at the radio station in New York and they were super lovely), so I can’t tell you my experience. However this is a video from their M&G in Newcastle, it’s rushed, but they all say hi, hug fans and seem very polite: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpnKnERpULY

          • laura

            It’s still 36 seconds per person, sure it isn’t a lot, but being friendly doesn’t take that much time tbh. I mean, I barely know these guys (I just really don’t like their music) so everything I’m saying is based on this one experience I’ve now heard of.
            That being said, I really think singers/bands/whatever who do meet and greets should do something about their bodyguards, I always hear stories about them being assholes to the fans.
            I’m glad they were friendly to you: must’ve been amazing for you to have met them :)

          • Carly

            I just think that one not so good M&G experience doesn’t mean they treat their fans like trash compared to many positive stories I’ve read about them, but I understand where you’re coming from since you don’t know much about them. I have to agree with you on that, bodyguards can be total assholes. They often see fans as potential killers, when all they want is just to meet their idols.

            Ahh thank you, it was absolutely amazing to meet them. I’m going to their concerts in Florida next week and hopefully meet them again and see if they’ve actually changed since last year haha :)

          • laura

            Thing is, we don’t really have any background story here so who knows what happened before.
            What I don’t get is why they don’t just tell their bodyguards how to behave, I mean, you’re their ‘employee’ so you might as well want to listen to your employer.
            Ooh have fun, sweetheart! Hope you get to meet them again :)

          • M

            I agree with you, I mean we heard a lot of stories from Miley or Selena where they were supposed to go to a meeting but stop to take photo with their fans for a minute and ended up spending the whole day or night. If you really want to show affection to the people who support you (and furthermore when they paid for it) you can spend 3hours at a M&G to at least say “thak you enjoy the concert”. ;-)

          • nikki

            i went to see the wanted and i got to go to the meet and greet as well and it was VERY rushed. i beelined for siva and he asked me a question, jay asked me for a hug and i barely had time to answer siva because we were rushed to pose for the photo. i skipped nathan because of the rush, max took my arms to look at my tattoos before siva pulled me back and slipped a guitar pick in my hand and tom kissed me on the cheek while their manager was yelling at me to go. it was rushed, so there is not a lot of time to say hi and i kept getting yelled at because the boys were trying to talk to me. it was a great experience, but every meet and greet, unless its at a mall or something, is typically very rushed becasue they go through the line so quickly. also, they have about 100-150 meet and greet to go through, then their opening band has a meet and greet as well which is why there’s so little time. my meet and greet for big time rush was the same way the first time imet them kendall was holding my hands to look at my tattoos while their manager was literally pulling me away. the second time i was able to prepare. so if its the first time, you’re flustered and it can be overwhelming and you tend to skip over bandmembers. i met nathan again after the show and he was very sweet, he came out even though he had been sick and it was pretty cold. just because you hear things about them doesn’t mean its true. you don’t have to like them, but some people do like them a lot and a lot of 1d fans dislike them because of banter which is sad. and before anything gets thrown in my face, i am a big fan of one direction.

  • D

    Well that’s why they stay at the bottom.

  • Guest

    What I want to know is why ocean up picked the wanted as the ” treat their fans like shit story” ( this is the first I’ve heard of them doing something like this). I have heard multiple stories from
    Little mix ” fans pay money and only get the max of 20 secounds, they don’t even get to talk to lm they get pushed around by their team and have 2/4 members give them dirty looks or says something rude. <~ this has happened more then 5 times.
    Justin Bieber
    Selena Gomez
    One direction
    Miley Cyrus
    Demi lovato
    Arianna grande
    All these artist treated their fans poorly at times, and this fan didn't say they treated her like trash.

  • Marta

    You can say whatever you want about The Wanted, but NOT that they treat
    their fans like trash. Meet & Greets are always rushed, regardless
    of the artist. I’ve bought M&G tickets for The Wanted in Detroit and
    I was there literally for 30 seconds. Their bodyguard Kev was rude and
    didn’t let anyone hug them, but Jay did it anyways and after the show
    the boys went out to fans and spend like an hour with us. There was an
    accident by their tour bus and a girl got hit by a car and Tom ran over
    to her and stayed with her until the ambulance arrived.

    I’ve met
    The Wanted five times and they’re literally one of the nicest people
    I’ve ever met.They always try to stop for us and seranade fans on stage
    during Heart Vacancy, I hardly see any fans complaining about them. It
    seems to me this fan never went to a Meet & Greet before and that
    wasn’t what she expected and now she’s just bitter.

    • dlovCyr

      Yea Tom is actually the nice one, he’s the only one that said hi to us from the tour bus while the others didn’t bother.


    I’ve been to M&G with The Wanted and it was rushed as hell, but it’s not their fault. I wanted to hug Siva and he was like “Sure, but do it quick cause Big Kev (their boydguard) is gonna kill me.” Their security sucks, but after the concert Nathan, Tom and Siva went out of their bus and took photos with everyone.

    This story is so blow out of proportion and this girls seems way too bitter. Just because she had one bad experience doesn’t mean they treat their fans like trash. If she really liked The Wanted she wouldn’t say something like that after everything they’ve done for fans.

  • adrianna

    Search “Meeting The Wanted” on YouTube, watch some videos and then try to tell me they treat their fans like shit! What a silly article… Just because she had a bad experience, doesn’t mean anything – we all have bad days and most of the time their bodyguard and tour manager are rushing everyone, it’s not really their fault. I mean they only have an hour to meet over 100 fans before their support act Midnight Red have their own meet and greet, there’s not much time.

  • HolyGround

    This is why I don’t mind that Taylor doesn’t sell her m&gs and you have to win them and stuff. They cost soo much fucking money and you only get to meet them for a little bit. I was surprised these were only $60 though, probably because nobody knows the wanted lol

  • Kate

    Firstly I would love to know who this girl is, who met them! Like if she even for real? the only person that seems rude here, seems her! Like are you even a fan. and you paid 30 bucks, is that it? Here in the uk m&g’s were £120, for us this is equivalent to £240, so STOP complaining, and be grateful! I would may ANYTHING to meet them. You met The Wanted, I know so many people that have not even got to meet them, and then saying trash about them, is just so disrespectable of you. I’ve been a fan of other fans, and no band even comes close to how caring The Wanted are with their fans; like they genuinely care! Don’t even know why i’m trying to prove a point on here, because your not even worth it LOL. ps; to even compare 1D & TW, is an insult to the wanted! Because from experience, 1D only care about ££$$.THE WANTED will ALWAYS love their UK fans better! SO SHAME US.

    • louise

      she paid $60 .
      and even if she had not paid anything, they have an OBLIGATION to treat her well, not only her but every single fan.

      It was less than 24 seconds. Can you imagine you being a fan of someone and when you try to huge your idol he says NO? Can you imagine how much it hurts? And how disappointed she is?

      Just think about it. and HEAR the audio again. seriously

      • katie

        Even if she paid $60 at the end of the day, she met her idols! This is the FIRST ever time i’ve come across anything like this; where the wanted haven’t treated their fans right…. (because their hasen’t been a time, where they haven’t)from watching the video, it seems like siva was joking, but you can’t really judge it, by just watching the audio to it… just saying! But saying ‘The Wanted treated their fans like trash’ is no were acceptable! And the girl shouldn’t be bad mouthing about them; because if she’s a ‘fan’ she would understand m&g’s are rushed anyway! I’m sure she got her picture with them! Which is more than most people have got with the wanted.


    1D is a shit excuse for a boy band..do not bring that gay wannabe boy band in this post..but since you did 1D are full of it and themselves. Theyre overrrated and copy EVERY 80’s rock song and copy all bsb song titles and copy westlife and nsynce.
    They’re so unoriginal it’s not even funny anymore. They also treat their fans like shit when theyre not getting paid 1k perprson m&g so stop flappin those gums about such a stupid overrrated, ugly awkward looking boy band.

    The wanted are the best to fans and the girls telling this story sound like hey mental issues and are overly bitter.

    • Boღ

      They don’t treat their fans like shit! You wouldn’t fucking know because you aren’t a 1D fan! I respect The Wanted but that doesn’t mean I agree with your assumptions!!! You can’t assume that they mistreat their fans because of your hatred for them!!! Like I said I RESPECT The Wanted and I don’t really even like they’re music but them and 1D are very humble guys and they know how to play the cards right!!!
      And you must be another one of those people who say they copied Def Leopard, The drummer for Def said the WERE FLATTERED that they had the same rift! And every artist uses the same 3 cords for songs!! And you know what? 1D aren’t the only ones with similar song cords, Lady Gaga copied Madonna but you don’t see people complaining!!
      Maybe if you gave the 1D boys a chance(not saying to immediately love them) maybe you wouldn’t make such accusations. -,-

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    Even the significantly more popular JUSTIN BIEBER hugs fans.

    If even douchebag Justin does it, you’re just pathetic.

  • louis

    hey they wanted fans, ARE YOU DEAF? Didnt you heard SIVA screaming like crazy NO HUGE ?

    And of course if you look for youtube videos of their meet and greet you will see them acting nice, because they knew that someone was recording.
    I’m sure that in this audio they didn’t know that the girl was recording.

    and STOP to put the blame on the bodyguard, the band CAN DO WHATEVER THEY WANT, they are the fucking boss of the fucking bodyguard, so if thy want, they can huge, they can spend more time, do whatever they want.

    WAKE UP !!!!!!!!!

  • laura

    that’s why the band is over, because the few fans they have, they treat like trash.

  • Kerry

    I dont have an explanation for siva rejecting a hug. they should all be willing to hug and talk to their fans maybe he was just having a bad day or something. but ive met plenty of celebrities in meet n greets and 90% of them last 20-30 seconds no matter the price you pay so that shouldnt be too surprising.

    • Nora

      Maybe he was joking? I rememeber I saw a video of a fan asking him for a hug and he said no and then he laughed and was like: “I’m just playing with you, of course we can have a hug, darling.” Maybe he said that to avoid problems with Big Kev cause he’s been such an ass lately or he simply had a bad day. We all have them and then we regret some of the things we’ve said.

  • Kat

    Who even wrote this? The grammar, spelling, punctuation and content is
    just appalling. And wow she’s pretty lucky that she only paid 60$ cause I
    remember they cost me $100 when I bought them. I need to know where she
    got her discount?

    • joanna

      I went to their concert in anaheim and big kev was selling meet and greet bracelets for $60 . And they are doing it in all their concerts, selling meet&greet at the door but with no tickets for the concert just the meet.

      And after read and listening to all of this I just think that the major issue here is siva. HE IS AN IDIOT!!!
      In anaheim he was also like that, I asked for a huge and he said NO. ;)

      • Kat

        Oh I didn’t know that. Well, I’m not even gonna defend Siva cause you can cleary hear him saying no, but I think it’s not fair to call of them asshole because of him. Also, it annoys me how fast Siva has moved on from the band – he’s doing interviews, he’s gonna record a solo album soon (which surprises me cause he’s the weakest vocally out of the boys) I never saw him crying during their farewell tour, it seems like he can’t wait for the band to be over.

        • WatchOut

          Tom is the weakest. He has no range at all.
          Siva has an amazing falsetto and a nice range. His voice is not as strong as tom’s.

  • Anon

    I’ve met the guys from the wanted recently and I can tell you it’s most likely their management/security… venue security have certain guideline and believe it or not, artists have to abide by venue rules and regulations for safety reason. Was the show running late? Did the venue give the artist a time limit? Contrary to what all one direction fans think (I’ve met one direction as well and I enjoy them as entertainers) it’s not always the bands fault, I’ve worked in venues, worked for bands and yes, bands have a say in what goes on, but the venue always has final word.
    After a show I went to recently, Max, Nathan, Siva and Jay stopped to talk to fans… I had a very pleasant conversation with Nathan and he’s a very sweet person! That being said, their security “Kev” tries his best with crowed control, maybe he’s not great at handling stress, but considering I nearly got knocked out by a middle aged woman, I’m sure he gets fed up with unruly fans.
    Cut them a little slack, yea the way things were handled were a little screwed, but these people are just trying to do their job, unfortunately the girl who recorded this got the lesser end. The boys from the wanted are sweet, very talented and their music is great! It seems to me, the ones disrespecting them and their music are one direction fans, now I like 1D, their music is alright… but considering most of you are under the age of 16, you probably wouldn’t realize that their music (almost every song!) rips off the greats of yesteryear!

  • BangBang

    Didn’t they break up?

  • Laurel

    the wanted are NOBODIES who NOBODY care about.. they should appreciate the few people who would actually pay to meet them or see them.. God knows I wouldn’t!!! DISGUSTING

  • Angiee

    Ima sorry but I don’t believe this I’ve met the wanted about 5 times outside they’re hotel and they always come out to at least say hi! They are all so nice and they actually talk to you. Max was talking to my friend and I about what school we go to and what we’re studying for come on. And when I forst met siva i asked for a picture and he was like no u cannot have a picture but them after he said ofcourse you can have a picture and he hugged me( in the picture hes still hugging me so cute). They are all so nice. Jay is so sweet to he always always greets fans with hugs and kisses them on the cheek. (Well from the times I’ve met him) and so does tom! One time me and my friend were at their hotel and we were waiting for them in one side and their were other girls in the other side of the hotel and when they came they said sorry we smell we’re just gonna shower and come back down and when they came out tom and jay still hugged us and gave us a kiss in the cheek then they went to the hotel to shower. Then Nathan saw and came back to give us a hug too. About an hour later they came down like they said they would to say hi to the other fans. There a lot more things to say but i dont wanna make this any longer. The point is that they are all so friendly and I love them.

  • WTF

    There are always time regulations within m&g’s, and they’re always rushed. Kev, their security, is always extremely strict. If you met them outside their hotel or at the airport they’d spend more than enough time with you. My friend met them at the airport a year ago and she spent over an hour with them because there are no time rules they have to abide by. They treat their fans the opposite of trash, like goddesses really. They’ve paintballed with them, invited them to their house and more. Don’t speak about how TW treat their fans unless you’re a fan and you’ve actually met them or seen real videos. When Siva says no hugs it’s probably because Kev would yell at her and he doesn’t want that to happen.

  • Leigh

    Complete and utter bullshit! First off Siva is one of the most genuine and nicest celebrities and wouldn’t do that and secondly the price you said the m&g was is completely wrong!

    No TW has had these complaints!

    And to all the 1d fans adding their 2 cents go fuck off! At least our boys did meet and greets for us! Out boys follow us, tweet us, and always stop for hugs and pics. You can’t say that about your boys!

    This website is pure trash! Instead of making up lies go work on your horrible grammar and spelling!