• HolyGround

    It loos good. Hopefully this show will actually have valuable lessons for kids to learn unlike the other shit shows like “dog with a blog” lol

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Exactly what I feared it was going to be like, ‘Disney’d-up.’

    • honesty

      Wait, we have to see a full episode first!!

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        *Puts my judgy-ness back in my bag* Ok, I can do that.

        • honesty

          If it sucks, I’ll complain with you! Lol.

  • amy

    Ugh. Why does every Disney show create these obnoxious sets and costumes full of bright colors. Why don’t they do anything that looks realistic. The great think about 90’s shows and even some early from the early 2000’s was that they looked realistic. Boy meets world was such an amazing show and this looks like it is just going to be exactly the same as every other Disney show right now.

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      i think for the old shows like raven and even stevens the sets and clothes looked more realistic because there was a cheaper budget.

      now disney can afford more so they spend more

      • amy

        I still prefer more realistic even if it is a cheaper budget. Personally, I think it makes the shows seem more relatable .

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    looks better than everything else on disney RN.I’ll watch

  • laura

    I can’t even watch this video because I don’t live in America… Fuck you, Disney Channel.

  • uest

    Give the show a chance. It has BMW’s old producers and writers on board. I liked what I see so far. From short clips it looks like Rowan and Sabrina have some acting chops.

    Although I do agree it does look incredibly bright.

  • beepbeep

    NO ONE CARES ABOUT THIS SHIT SHOW! stop posting updates, like we care

    Holy fuckity fuck – I couldn’t even make it through 5 seconds of the original ‘boy meets world’ That show was literally a terd – And that’s a compliment.

    When will people realize the Disney corporation is programming children through hypnotic suggestion with these ‘tv shows’. It’s straight up filling people’s heads with TRASH-nothing of importance, meaning or beneficial content. Just mind-rotting, spirit-poisoning bullshit.

    It really just grosses me out seeing kids with their own tv shows..
    It’s illegal for kids to work in factories, or in the fields, or have a job of any kind here in the usa. SOOOO why is it okay for children to have tv / music contracts??Plus they are surrounded by creepy adults that only care about $

    • honesty

      Shut up.

  • honesty

    I am so excited for this show. Although, I will say that Topanga and the daughter have zero chemistry. They look awkward, maybe because she doesn’t look like she could be their child at all. Corey and the daughter do have chemistry though. I just hope that it sticks to the script. Boy meets world was the only real show on Disney channel and we need it back. I think it was a fun way to show that life isn’t always peaches and rainbows, hopefully this one does the same.

  • kraz

    seriously looks like hannah montana with other disney shows mixed in, i loved boy meets world and i dont think disney was the right channel for this idea, should of been nick or even fox or something! disney is just making it like every other show. I hate it now

    • threelittlebirds

      i think it would have been better on abcfamily.

  • Allison

    my dad cant wait for this… me either
    we both love Boy Meets World so hopefully this will be good