Lorde Reveals Paparazzis Facebook

lorde-paplorde-facebookLorde has ATTACKED a paparazzi for recording her!

  • Duckyhoward15

    Both of them are immature but mostly lorde if he is annoying you sue him or something

  • yung illuminati

    She should go to the police then if she genuinely feels her safety is in jeopardy because of this man. Tweeting out a link to his fb is just gonna result in him having a load of friend requests from angry fangirls..

  • P.D.

    Why the hell is it wrong of her? He finds no shame in harassing them, GO LORDE!

  • anna

    something really needs to be done about paparazzi though. it shouldn’t be a job. people shouldn’t get paid to take pictures of celebrities. the only reason it is a job is because magazines use these pictures, so for it to really stop then people need to stop buying magazines. Some people say “it comes with being famous” but thats just not right. they signed a contract to sign/act/perform, not to have privacy invaded and to have to look perfect 24/7 because paps are constantly taking pictures. it has to be so uncomfortable.

    • Queen Amanda Bynes


  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    how in the hell did she get his facebook tho?

  • honesty

    I’m not saying who is wrong or right. I am just pointing something out. She contradicted herself. If you “understand that this comes with the territory”, you should also understand why you should “be complacent”.

  • A

    Papaazzi can expose celebrities, but celebrities can’t expose paparazzi? HELL NO, fuck them.

    • Jen


    • Jen


  • thecat61

    Like she’s the only celeb that’s stalked by the paps.